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Constitution Cards

Who said "give me liberty or give me death"? Patrick Henry
What was the Boston Tea Party? Protest against tax on tea
Who led the American Army in the Revolution? George Washington
Who won the Revolutionary War? Americans
What is the Declaration of Independence? A statement announcing the 13 colonies were an independent nation and no longer part of Britain.
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
When was the Declaration of Independence signed and adopted? Adopted:July 4,1776 Signed: August 2,1776
Define unalienable
Cannot be taken away
List 3 unalienable rights found in the Declaration of Independence Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
What was written first:"The Declaration of Independence or the Constitution"? Declaration of Indepence (1776,signed+adopted) Constitution (written 1787, adopted 1788)
What could be considered our first Constitution? Articles of Confederation
Why was the Articles of Confederation weak? Fear of a string central government
Where was the Constitutional Convention held and in what year? Phildephia 1787
What was the purpose of the Constitutional Convention? Correct faults in the Articles of Confederation
Who was the president of the Constitutional Convention? George Washington
What building was used for the Constitutional Convention? Independence Hall
How many states had to approve the Constitution? 9
What was the Great Compromise? Two House Congress House of Representatives:Based on population Senate:equal representation 2 senators per state
Did the original Constitution outlaw slavery? No
What was the Bill of Rights? The first 10 amendments
What were the 13 original states? Connecticut New Jersey Delaware New York Georgia North Carolina Maryland South Carolina Massachusetts Pennsylvania New Hampshire Virginia Rhode Island
What are the 3 parts of the Constitution? 1. Preamble 2. Articles 3. Amendments
How many amendments have been made to the Constitution? 27 amendments
What is the first amendment? Freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and petition
What is the second amendment? Right to bear arms
What is the 13th amendment (1865)? Abolished (ended) slavery
What is the 18th amendment? Prohibition of alcohol
What is the 19th amendment? End of women suffarage, right to vote
What are the 3 branches of government? Legislative, executive, judicial
What branch of government makes the laws? Legislative
What is the major body of the legislative branch? Congress
What two houses make up Congress? Senate House of Representatives
Which branch of government has 2 houses?
Which group of Congress has 100 members?
How many senators does each state have?
What are the requirements for U.S. senator? 30 yes old, 9 years citizen, and live in the state that you represent
In what part of the Constitution can you find out about the legislative branch? Article 1
Which group of Congress serves 6 years? Senate
Which group of Congress has 435 members? House of Representatives
Which group of Congress serves 2 years?
What are the requirements for the U.S. representative?
What is the least number of representatives (house) a state can have?
Who makes more money-a senator or a representative?
Who elects U.S. senators?
Which group of Congress passes bills?
Which group of Congress meets in the Capitol Building?
Which body of government has the power to raise, borrow and coin money?
What fraction of the senate is elected every two years?
Which group of Congress has the vice president as a presiding officer? Senate
Can Congress veto a law? No
House of Representatives
25 yrs old 7year citizen and must live in state it represents
Neither both make the same $174000
The people of the entire state
Which group of Congress accepts or rejects treaties? Senate
Which group of Congress selects a president if no candadite has a majority in the electoral college? House
Which group of Congress has members appointed by the supreme court? Neither
Which branch of joint government uses joint committees? Legislative
After a bill has passed the two houses of Congress where is it sent? President
How many times can a senator be reelected? Unlimited
What is an ex post facto law? Law that makes an act illegal after the act is comitted
Which department is responsible for coining and printing money? Treasury
What fraction of a vote is nessecary for Congress to pass a law over the presidents veto? 2/3
Can Congress tax goods being exported from a state? No
Which group of Congress brings charges of impeachment? House
What is the elastic clause?
Gives Congress broad powers to write laws about new and unexpected situations Article 1 Section 8
What is habeas corpus? Prisoner cannot be detained without trial
Can federal officers have titles of nobility? No
Does the constitution allow for laws to be made for subjects that did not exist in 1787? Yes
Which branch of government enforces the laws? Executive branch
Where would you find information on the executive branch Article 2
Who is the President and Vice President of the United States Barack Obama and Joe Biden
How many women have been president None
How long is the president's term 4 years
How many terms may the president serve Two terms
How many cabinet positions are there 15
Who has the power to veto President
What vote really elects the president Electoral college
Who was the only president ever to resign Richard Nixon
What are the requirements to become president 30 years old natural born citizen 14 years of residency
When does the president assume duties of office January 20th
What branch of government is the president head of Executive
If the president and vice president die who becomes president Speaker of House
Who presents the national budget President
What is the duty of the Secretary of state Foreign affairs
Who is the chief legal officer Attorney General
Which cabinet position is responsible for the farm program
Secretary of agriculture
What is the duty of Secretary of interior National resources
Which cabinet has a duty to settle a strike
Secretary of Labor
Which cabinet position has the duty to carry out War Secretary of Defense
Which cabinet position is responsible for Social Security Secretary of Health and Human Services
Which cabinet position is responsible for the secret of State Secretary of Homeland Security
When will the next presidential election be November 2016
What happens if the president doesn't act on a bill within 10 days It becomes a law
How many electoral votes are there 538
What is the 22nd Amendment No person will be elected to the office of President more than twice Limits term
What is federalism The sharing of powers by federal and state governments
Which branch of government is the court system Judicial
Who appoints Supreme Court Justices President
What is checks and balances It is a system of government that guarantees that no Branch becomes too powerful example would be appoints judges
Which branch of government interprets laws Judicial
Where do you find information about the judicial branch Article 3
How many Supreme Court justices are there 9
Which Supreme Court Case established the principle of judicial review Marbury vs. Madison
How many states does it take to ratify an amendment 38
What is the 26th Amendment 18 year olds right to vote
What would have to happen to have prayer in public school Constitutional Amendment
What do stars on the flag represent 50 states
What does the blue on the Flag symbolize Loyalty
What does the white on the flag symbolize Liberty
What do the stripes on the flag represent 13 colonies
What does the red stand for Courage
What plan proposed two houses of Congress based upon population The Virginia Plan
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