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US hist Sem 2 Part 1

Final Exam review

Jews Hitler blamed Germany's economic problems on:
Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor Economic pressure placed on Japan by the US at the beginning of WWII led to:
The use of the spoken word One factor that helped Hitler rise to power in Germany was his strength with:
D-day Operation Overlord at Normandy
Defeat of the Axis powers in Europe The first military goal of the Allies
Island-hopping American strategy to defeat Japan in the Pacific.
No-strike pledge Labor unions agreed to this during WWII
United States and Soviet Union Became the world's dominant powers after WWII
Fear of communism The American public's fear of the Soviet Union was largely the result of:
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Established to check Soviet aggression in Western Europe
Korean War Resulted in very little change in Asia
Policy of massive retaliation based on the assumption that sane leaders would never risk the annihilation of their country's populations
Televised debates highlight of the 1960 presidential campaign
GI Bill of Rights offered veterans financial aid for education, housing, and starting small businesses.
Popularity of television Led to increases in the advertising industry in the early 1950's
Brown v. Board of Education "separate but equal" doctrine had no place in education
Montgomery Bus Boycott African Americans hoped to exert economic pressure and protest segregation.
Voting Rights Act of 1965 Provided for the involvement of Federal govt if polls would not allow blacks to vote.
Black Muslims Preached a message that included religious justification for black separatism
Miranda card Lists instructions for police to read to suspects at the time of their arrest.
Created by: Freshmensphs