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US hist 12.2

Quiz practice

Ronald Reagan President from 1980-1988. Led a conservative revolution to cut taxes and build up the military.
Mikhail Gorbachev Leader of the Soviet Union who initiated the reforms that led to the fall of communism in Europe.
George H. W. Bush President from 1988-1992. The Cold War ended and the Persian Gulf War was fought during his presidency.
Bill Clinton President from 1992-2000. Impeached by the House for perjury, but he had budget surpluses the last three years in office.
health care Biggest policy failure of Bill Clinton's presidency was the inability to achieve his goal to reform...
Soviet Union The breakup of this country caused the end of the Cold War in 1991.
Contras U.S. officials illegally used money raised from weapons sales to Iran to aid this group in Nicaragua.
unemployment The reason George H.W. Bush was only a one-term president was the economy stopped growing and this rate rose:
industries President Reagan eased government restrictions on these:
perjury The House of Representatives impeached Bill Clinton in 1998 because its members believed he had committed...
deficit spending Reagan's practice of supply-side economics doubled the national debt because less tax money came in, so the government engaged in...
California President Reagan was former governor of....
Germany A significant event in the end of the Cold War was when the wall came down in 1989 in this country:
Conservative Someone who has a negative view of government is considered:
Created by: Freshmensphs