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H & F Term 10

Disease Prevention - Chapter 21 & 23

caused by organisms or viruses that enter and multiply within the body infectious disease
microorganisms and viruses that cause disease pathogens
type of pathogen that causes food poisoning, strep throat, lyme disease, and staph infections bacteria
type of pathogen that causes the common cold, chicken pox, and measels virus
type of pathogen that causes athlete's foot and ringworm fungi
type of pathogen that causes malaria protozoans
how are pathogens spread through contact with an infected person or animal, contaminated objects, or contaminated food or water
fights disease by producing a seperate set of weapons for each kind of pathogen immune system
your body's ability to destroy pathogens that have been previously encountered immunity
injections that help you become immune to a disease immunizations
used to treat a bacterial disease antibiotic
an unusually high occurence of a disease in a certain place during a certain time frame epidemic
an infectious disease that has become increasily common within the last 20 years emerging disease
diseases of the heart and blood vessels cardivascular diseases
types of cardiovascular disease hypertension, heart attack, arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, and stroke
occurs when the heart doesn't get enough blood supply and dies heart attack
a sudden disruption of blood flow to part of the brain stroke
harms the body by destroying healthy body tissue cancer
mass of tissue tumor
a cancerous tumor malignant
non-cancerous tumor benign
cancer-causing agents carcinogens
cancer therapy that uses drugs to slow the reproduction of cancer cells chemotherapy
the removal of a small piece of tissue to examine it for cancer biopsy
disease in which the body's ability to use glucose is impaired diabetes
type of diabetes that usually first appears in children type 1
type of diabetes that strikes overweight and sedebtary children type 2
a disorder in which the immune system is overly sensitive to a particular substance allergy
a substance that causes an allergy allergen
a disorder in which a person's respiratory passages become inflamed and narrow significantly asthma
inflammation or irritation of a joint arthritis
the most common type of arthritis osteoarthritis
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