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H & F Term 4

Tobacco - Chapter 16

What influences teen tobacco use? friends, family, and media
very addictive insecticide in tobacco products nicotine
drugs that increase the activity of the nervous system stimulant
short term effects of nicotine increased heart rate and blood pressure
dark, sticky substance that forms when tobacco burns tar
cancer-causing agents carcinogens
poisonous gas produced by burning tobacco carbon monoxide
3 major diseases caused by tobacco smoke respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer
What does COPD stand for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
What is COPD a disease that results in gradual loss of lung function
Name 2 types of COPD Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema
What is Chronic Bronchitis airways are constantly inflamed
What is Emphysema alveoli lose shape and elasticity resulting in a loss of proper function
Cigarette smoking is responsible for what percent of COPD deaths ninety percent
smoke that is inhaled by everyone around the smoker secondhand smoke
What are the dangers to the infant of smoking while pregnant cerebral palsy, sight and hearing impairments, and learning difficulties
what is a nicotine substitue a product that contains nicotine, but not the harmful chemicals found in tobacco
what is the most important factor in successfully quitting tobacco use strong personal commitment
Created by: smoon