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monsoon asia test

test over monsoon asia topic

atmospheric pressure is a measure of which of the following? -the total solar energy received by earth -the weight of air pushing down on earth -the speed of prevailing wind circling earth -the amount of water vapor in the air around earth the weight of air pushing down on earth
What does a country’s rate of natural increase indicate? -how much energy it uses each year -how many babies are born their each year -how fast its population is growing -how many businesses start there each year how fast its population is growing
which of the following physical features has most affected japan's population distribution? -rivers -deltas -mountains -deserts mountains
globalization has lead to a rapid increase in which of the following? -water stress -international trade -transboundary pollution -arithmetic population density international trade
term monsoon means __________ seasonal wind
Which of the following BEST explains why cities on opposite sides of a mountain receive different amounts of rain? -cloud seeding -water cycle -orographic effect -altidunial zonation orographic effect
what is the main goal of china's one child policy? zero population growth
Which BEST describes the impact of high population density on transportation system: -Subways and trains seldom run on time -Subways and trains are overcrowded at rush hour subways and trains are overcrowded at rush hour
which country is a major center of sneaker design? -brazil -taiwan -saudi arabia -us united states
what is arable land? land that can be farmed
because pune, india, lies in a rain shadow, its people have learned to live with _____________. A. Frequent droughts B. Tropical cyclones C. Water salinization D. Widespread flooding a. frequent droughts
The Three Gorges Dam is expected to provide all of these benefits EXCEPT: A. Clean energy B. Flood control C. Safer river shipping D. More steel production d. more steel production
The way to calculate a country’s physiologic population density is to divide the population by the __________________________. arable land area
Which country is a MAJOR producer of synthetic rubber? A. Brazil B. Taiwan C. Saudi Arabia D. United States b. taiwan
What terms describes a business that has operations all over the world? multinational corporation
Which of these South Asian cities is known as one of the world’s wettest capitals? A. Abuja B. Ankara C. Dhaka D. Ottawa c. dhaka
Which of these policies has been MOST successful in increasing China’s GDP? Special Economic Zones or The Great Leap Forward special economic zone
In which of these ways is Japan’s population distribution similar to that of the rest of the world? A. Most people live in small towns B. Most people live near a coastline C. Most people live near the equator D. Most people live at high elevations most people live near a coastline
A company in Mexico ships fruit to the U.S. for sale without paying tariffs. This is an example of which of the following? A. Free trade B. Vertical trade C. Subsistence agriculture D. Comparative advantage free trade
The hilly Korean Peninsula and the chain of islands that make up Japan are part of East Asia. Japan’s islands were formed by _______. volcanoes
What is one way that people adapt to the semiarid climate of Jodhpur? they use drip irrigation
Special economic zones attract more foreign business than other parts of China because they offer companies that locate there _______________. greater freedom
Which of the following statements is true about life expectancy in Japan? A. It is among the highest in the world B. It has fallen far behind that of India C. It has dropped as Japan’s population has grown D. It is about average among the world country it is among the highest in the world
China looks to Japan for foreign investment and technology. Japanese consumers buy many goods made in China. The result is which of the following? A. Ethnic diversity B. Sustainable development C. Supranational cooperation D. Economic interdependence economic interdependence
Southeast Asia is NOT one big landmass; instead, it is made up of peninsulas and ________________ . islands
what best describe Japan's climate? mild winters and warm summers with plenty of rainfall
earthquakes occur in Japan when... tectonic plates move
how does japan's land affect the population distribution? 8 out of 10 people live on limited flat land near the ocean, 8 out of 10 live on mountains, or 8 out of 10 live in crowded cities in large homes about 8 out of 10 people live on limited flat land near the ocean
which measurement of population density more accurately measures how crowded japan is? -arithmetic population density -physiologic population density physiologic population density
how have the japanese adapted to busy rush hours? the japanese created an efficient public transportation system
"shinkansen" are.... bullet trains that travel at speed up to 180 miles per hour
if you live in tokyo and want to own a car, you must... prove you have a place off the street to park it
how does tokyo maximize its parking space for cars? by building high-rise garages that stack cars on top of one another
what happened as more Japanese people moved into the cities? fewer people lived in extended families; less land to build houses on
what is one way that the japanese make the most of limited space? they use rooms for more than one purpose
how has population density affected japanese people even after death? most have their bodies cremated after death, because ashes take up less space than a coffin
japanese houses are... smaller than american homes
how does japan try to meet everyone's needs when the land is so limited? they build taller buildings, they build underground, they create usable land in the wetlands and on mountainsides
earthquake-resistant construction techniques allow the japanese to.......... build skyscrapers that can withstand severe shaking
what is one disadvantage of filling in the wetlands? it destroys fish and wildlife habitats
like the incas of south america, the japanese create new land for farming by cutting terraces into hillsides
what is one consequence of an increase in population density? pollution problems; less land; small houses
life expectancy in japan is............ among the highest in the world
what is one way in which japan tries to keep crowding from causing health problems? it has passed strict laws to clean up the air and water
with its trash dumps filling up so fast, how is tokyo addressing its garbage problem? tokyo residents reduce their garbage by recycling
ture/false: no car can be registered in japan unless you have a place to park it off the street true
true/false: the average employee in tokyo travels 90 minutes to work true
true/false: the japanese train and subway system is so advanced that the japanese buy fewer cars today than in 1960 false
crowding results in a very long __________ time. commute;
crowded rush hours led to the creation of an ___________ ____________ transportation system. efficient; public
parking garages are built to _______ cars ________ of one another to save space stack; on top
true/false: the average home in japan is smaller than the average home in the us. true
true/false: space limitations have not changed family life in japan false
true/false: many Japanese homes do not have separate bedrooms true
japanes hotels rent ________ __________ to make good use of space. sleeping capsules
many homes in japan do not have...... separate bedrooms
since land is scarce, people cut into _______ to build terraces and build smaller houses to promote more ________ space mountains; living
people don't have much _______ so they build tall building using earthquake techniques land
Japanese build _________ parks, zoos, and malls. underground
garbage is a giant factors of ________ problems. because of mice and rats, disease spreads quickly health
smoke from factories is a serious cause of air ________________. it can cause ______ problems pollution; lung
population density causes lots of _______ and lots of __________. garbage; pollution
list three ways the sneaker has changed since 1960. 1) designs 2) materials needed to make shoes 3) purpose for wearing sneakers
what are three parts of the sneaker? 1) upper 2)mid sole 3) outer sole
Created by: 1964970244
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