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EMS Social Studies

Mesopotamia through Rome

What is an artifact? Artifacts are objects made by people
When did history begin? History began when people learned how to write
What is the nickname given to a river valley in Mesopotamia? "Land Between Two Rivers"
What is a scribe? A scribe is a boy who is trained to write.
What is hieroglyphics? Hieroglyphics is Egyptian writing.
What were Egyptian kings called? Pharaohs
What is a ziggurat? A ziggurat is a Mesopotamian temple.
What river valley is home to the Chinese civilization? Yellow River
Who created the first law of code? Hammurabi of Mesopotamia
Who invented the wheel? Mesopotamians
Why did the Chinese invent the kite? Military purposes
Who invented the plow and were the first to farm? Mesopotamians
Which group created the first law code: Chinese, Harappans, or Mesopotamians? Mesopotamians
Which group created acupuncture as a medical treatment: Chinese, Harappans, or Mesopotamians? Chinese
What was used for religious ceremonies and socializing among the Harrappans? The Great Bath
What was used to preserve organs for the afterlife? canopic jars
Where did the ancient Greeks believe the Greek gods lived? Mount Olympus
What was Athens form of government? Democracy
Who did most of the work in Greece? slaves
Which period in history was a time of great progress and achievement in Greece? The Golden Age
Which of the following is a Greek invention? Writing, aqueduct, phalanx formation, concrete
What great leader tried to unite many people by spreading Greek culture in the lands he conquered? Alexander the Great
What is a primary source? An eyewitness account
In which war did Sparta and Athens fight one another? Peloponesian
Who fought in the Punic War? Rome and Cathage
In what war did Hannibal Barca fight? Punic War
During which war was the Battle of Marathon fought? Persian War
In what war were elephants used to climb over the Alps? Punic War
Following what war did Xerxes take over? Persian War
Which war occurred first: Peloponnesian, Punic or Persian? Persian
What were Rome's leaders in the Executive Branch called? Consuls
What social class did Roman senators belong? Patricians
Who was the first emperor of Rome? Augustus Caesar
Who murdered Julius Caesar? Senators
What is the name for the written laws of Rome? 12 Tables
Where did people watch gladiators fight? Colosseum
When did the Roman Empire end? 476 A.D.
What form of government allows people to vote for their leader? Republic
What main event was held a the Circus Maximus? Chariot Races
What structure was invented to carry water from the mountains into the cities? aqueduct
What is the archaeologist Howard Carter's biggest discovery? King Tut's Tomb 1922
Julius Caesar is known as Romes first...? dictator
What group is known for its fierce military and fighting? Spartans
What group of people allowed for civilizations to make permanent settlements? farmers
What was Rome's working class? Plebians
How is Egyptian history divided? Time periods called kingdoms
How many continents were conquered by Alexander the Great? three
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