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Chapter 30 S.S

Alexander the Great

What happened after the Peloponnesian War? the Greek city-states were divided and weak.
How did Greek city-states divide and become weak help Phillip the second of Macedonia? It helped him succeed and conquer them
Who taught Alexander to love Greek culture? The Greek Philosopher, Aristotle
In his efforts to unite the people of Greece under his rule, Alexander gave them a common enemy, who was this enemy? Persia
Why did Alexander choose Persia as their common enemy? to concentrate on their energy
Why was Alexander called Great? he conquered a huge area which was most of the known world at that time.
What was Alexander's major goal for his empire? to bring different cultures under one government
What did Alexander use to control the areas that he conquered? Religion
What did Alexander tell the Greeks? he told them that he was the son of Zeus
In Persia, Alexander allowed the Persians to do what? run the day-to-day business in their lands
What did Alexander made sure of? Macedonians led the army and that his own people collected the taxes
What did Alexander receive after adopting Persian customs and traditions? visitors in a tent
After 10 years of following Alexander in his conquest of conquering the known world, his soldiers grew tired and wanting to go home to their families, refused to do what? go on any farther
How old was Alexander when he died? 33
What did Alexander die from? Maleria
What happened after Alexander died? His generals fought for control
What parts of the world can Greek culture be seen today? Asia, Egypt, and Europe as a result of Alexander's conquests
What country was Alexander born in? Macedonia
What country influenced Alexander's life the most? Greece
What city did Alexander build to be like a Greek city-state? Alexandria
What land did Alexander plan to conquer before his men forced him to go back? India
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