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Chapter8 Study Guide

Social Studies Test Chapter 8 Part 1

WordDefinitionHow it Relates to Rome
Cicero He was a political leader and Rome's greatest speaker. His speeches and books swayed many people.
Aqueduct A human-made channel built to carry water. Emperors supported building projects.
First Punic War Rome and Carthage both wanted Sicily. Rome's first victory over Carthage.
Latifundia Large farming estates in ancient Rome. Found food for many.
First Triumvirate The first important political alliance of three people. They led Rome. They all had a military background.
Pleabeians Members of the common people in ancient Rome Most of Rome's citizens.
Etruscans Skilled metal workers. Came to Rome after 800 B.C. They shaped Rome.
Sicily An island near Italy. It was the cause of the First Punic War. It stayed in Rome's power.
Praetors Important government officials in ancient Rome. Led Rome in politics. They were also judges.
Romulus and Remus Twin brothers who founded ancient Rome. Fought for Rome. They founded Rome.
Twelve Tables Rome's first code of laws. Rome's first set of laws.
Second Punic War Fought because Carthage wanted to punish Rome. Rome becomes more confident by beating Carthage.
Octavian Caesar's grandnephew who stood at the top of the Roman world. Caesar's grandnephew, he inherited Caesar's wealth.
Julius Caesar Was one of the most powerful Roman dictators of all time. He helped Rome expand its territory.
Roman Currency A system of money. Gave Rome an easy way to trade.
Hadrian's Wall A wall built to keep out Pics and Scots. Protected the Romans.
Created by: karpags_siva
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