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Ch 7: Can1960-70s

Socials 11

Counterculture a subculture, mostly young people with values and lifestyles opposition of those of the dominant established culture
Feminist a person who supports the idea that women are equal to men
Civil Liberties basic individual rights protected by law
Canadian Bill of Rights a federal document set out the rights and freedoms of Canadians (1960)
Multiculturalism encouraging the expression of the cultures of many ethnic groups that make up a countries population
Marginalized to be pushed aside and made less important
Disenfranchised to be deprive of basic legal rights
White Paper of 1969 the government report proposing dramatic changes to the lives of Aboriginals, includes the Indian Act
Red Paper Aboriginal response to the White Paper, Red Paper caused the government to change its policies
Lobby to try to influence the opinions and votes of public for or against a cause
Medical Care Act an Act that provides free access to physician services for Canadians
Quiet Revolution a period of change and reform that modernized Quebec society
FLQ a revolutionary movement founded to work for an independent Quebec
Parti Quebecois A party that believes in the separation of Quebec
Official Languages Act the Act that states French and English are Canada's official languages
Bill 22 made French the official language of Quebec
Bill 101 strengthened the position of the French language in Quebec
Embargo the prohibition by a government that prevents certain goods from being imported and exported
Regional Disparity differences in income, wages and jobs in one area compared to another
Bomarc Missiles nuclear missiles that Canada agreed to accept from the U.S
Draft Resisters citizen who refuse to join the army
Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty (ABMT) an agreement between the US and the USSR limiting weapons and defensive systems
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