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KSH-Chapter 10-11

Interesting Facts in Kansas History (1919-1973)

Who was the "Kansas Flyer"? Glenn Cunningham
Whose nickname was "Big Train"? Walter Johnson
Students from which college began Pizza Hut? Wichita State University
Which President created the Interstate Highway System? Dwight D. Eisenhower
Kansas was the first state in the Union to outlaw which group? Ku Klux Klan
What destructive natural disaster hit Kansas in 1951? flooding on the Kansas River
Which city is known as the "Air Capital" of the world? Wichita
Who was known as the "First Woman of Aviation"? Olive Beech
Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic? Amelia Earhart
Why was Georgia Neese Clark Gray famous? She was the first female Treasurer of the United States
What caused the United States to get into World War II? Japan attacked Pearl Harbor
Who started a grocery store chain in Kansas? Dillon Brothers
What day did the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor? December 7, 1941
Who was the first woman elected to the Kansas Legislature? Minnie Johnson Grinsted
Who was the first American Indian to hold a national political office? Charles Curtis
Which Kansas became one of the most influential photographers in the world? Gordon Parks
What was hung in homes to show that those families had sons or daughters fighting overseas? victory banners
What "crashed" in October of 1929? Stock Market
In what year did World War II end? 1945
Who ran for governor of Kansas to get rid of the Ku Klux Klan? William Allen White
What was another name for the draft? conscription
Walter Johnson was one of the first five players chosen for the ___?___ and helped the Washington Senators win two World Series. Baseball Hall of Fame
Kansas City became known for what type of music? Jazz
What kind of music became popular during the 1950's Rock and Roll
Which team was one of the most successful in the Negro League? Kansas City Monarchs
President Eisenhower was from which Kansas town? Abilene
What did Kansas repeal fifteen years after the United Sates repealed it? Prohibition
What was the name of Pizza Hut's mascot? Pizza Hut Pete
Kansas students were taught what "strategy" in school because of the threat of a nuclear bomb attack? Duck and Cover
Who were the first men on the moon? Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldren
What was the name of the group of women who marched from camp to camp in 1921 protesting the mining companies hiring of "scabs"? Amazon Army
Which Kansan lost to Franklin Roosevelt in the 1936 Presidential Election? Alf Landon
Which Kansan was a well-known poet who wrote 67 books? William Stafford
Because of a shortage of goods and food rationing during World War II, many women's magazines printed recipes on how to bake without... sugar
What did the KKK do to scare African-Americans and other people? burned crosses
What famous "character" during World War II showed that women could do men's jobs? Rosie the Riveter
Which Kansas High School is in a former missile base and silo that was purchased from the government for $1.00. Jackson Heights
What Kansas couple published nine books and lectured around the United States about travels and photographs from around the world? Martin and Osa Johnson
Charlie Parker was the Kansas City native who helped invent a new type of jazz improvisation called... bebop
What were the two nicknames given to the Great Plains during the tough times of the 1930's? Dirty Thirties & Dust Bowl
Which war did the United States fight in during the 1960's? Vietnam War
What was the name of the Russian satellite that was the first one to be successfully launched into space? Sputnik
During the space race, schools began emphasizing which two subjects? math and science
The tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union became known as the... Cold War
Who was the artist and language teacher who taught different languages? Birger Sandzen
At which store in Kansas did African-Americans begin "sit-ins"? Dockum's Drugstoor
What was the time period called when sports started to become really popular? Age of Play
What restaurant began with 600 borrowed dollars and a used oven? Pizza Hut
Who became a major part of American economy for the first time in the 1950's? teenagers
Glenn Cunningham grew up in ___?___ and was so badly burned as a child that the doctor didn't think he would walk ever again. Elkhart
Who were the three aviation pioneers who helped make Wichita the "Air Capital" of the World? Walter Beech Clyde Cessna Lloyd Stearman
Created by: ColbyHistory