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Unit 12 test 2018

decade of crisis

how long is a decade? 10 years
an abolitionist is a person who? is against slavery
The Ostend Manifesto: tried to buy Cuba
The Compromise of 1850 Made California a free state and passed a fugitive slave act
Another word for fugitive is criminal
Harriet Beecher Stowe: wrote Uncle Tom's Cabin
The Fugitive Slave Act: Allowed southerners to come into the North and bring blacks to the south
Two people in Uncle Tom's Cabin were Uncle Tom and Simon LeGree
The slave who sued for his freedom was Dred Scott
Two states that used popular soverignty were Kansas and Nebraka
Popular sovereignty means: for people to vote if a state should be free or slave
Kansas nickname was: Bleeding Kansas
The two groups that fought in Kansas were: Border Ruffians and Free Soilers
Another word for thug is Ruffian
Where is Harpers Ferry? Virginia
What is Harper's Ferry? A weapon's Depot
Who invaded Harpers Ferry? John Brown
What is the definition of the gallows? A place where people are hanged
What happened at the gallows? John Brown was hanged
Where is Pottawatomie Creek? Kansas
What happened at Pottawatomie Creek? 5 Ruffians were murdered
Define "secede" To leave
Define emancipation freedom
Who was elected president in 1860? Abe Lincoln
Slave catchers operated in the AREA of the country: North
What ACT opened Kansas up to slavery? Kansas-Nebraska Act
What compromise was ruled unconstitutional in the case of the slave suing for his freedom? Missouri Compromise
Define Nationalism love of country
Define sectionalism: love of an area of the country
What state was the first state to secede? South Carolina
What Northern state never voted for Lincoln? New Jersey
After the Dred Scott case, what happened to the Missouri Compromise? It was ruled unconstitutional and slavery could spread everywhere
What was supposed to happen at Harper's Ferry? Slaves were supposed to come and get guns
What was the outcome at Harper's Ferry? No slaves came and got guns
What was the dominating issue of the election of 1860? slavery
What became the new southern nation's name? Confederate States of America
Who became the president of the new southern country? Jefferson Davis
Where were the first shots of the Civil War fired? Fort Sumter, South Carolina
What state is east of Kansas? Missouri
Name states the seceded from the Union: South Carolina, Alabama, Texas
Define Martyr Someone who dies for a cause
What person can BEST be called a martyr? John Brown
Who can BEST be called the great compromiser? Henry Clay
Created by: rsweeney