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9th Grade SS

Regents Prep 4e - Age of Exploration

In Latin America, the Maya and the Aztec civilizations were similar in that they developed complex mathematical and calendar systems
A study of Mayas, Aztecs, and Incas would show that these ancient American civilizations rivaled the accomplishments of early Middle Eastern cultures
A study of the Maya, Aztec, and Inca civilizations of Latin America would show that these civilizations developed advanced and complex societies before the arrival of the Europeans
Which was a result of the Commercial Revolution expansion of European influence overseas
Which was an immediate result of the European Age of Exploration? European influence spread to the Western hemisphere
A major result of the Age of Exploration was the end of regional isolation and the beginning of a period of European global domination
The Commercial Revolution in Western Europe led directly to the expansion of world trade
Which system developed as a result of the Commercial Revolution market economy
Which of these events during the Age of Exploration was a cause of the other three? advances in learning and technology made long ocean voyages possible
The Native American population of Mexico in 1492 has been estimated at 25 million; the population in 1608 has been estimated at 1.7 million. This decrease in population was mainly a result of diseases introduced by the Spanish
In Latin America during the early period of Spanish colonialism, the deaths of large numbers of the native people led to the importation of slaves from Africa
Both Japan and China decided to limit trade with Europe during much of the 16th and 17th centuries because the Japanese and the Chinese believed they would receive no benefit from increased contact with the Europeans
One reason the Spanish conquistadors were able to conquer the Aztec and Inca Empires rapid is that the Spanish had better weapons than the Aztecs and Incas did
Which conclusion can be drawn from a study of the early civilizations of Axum, Kush, Mali and Songhai? these societies had a long and rich history before their first contact with Europeans
Which was a characteristic of the policy of mercantilism followed by Spanish colonial rulers in Latin America? the colonies were required to provide raw materials to Spain and to purchase Spanish manufactured goods
Which statement best describes a result of the scarcity of native Indian labor in Latin America during the colonial period? large numbers of African slaves were imported
The influence of African culture on some areas of Latin America was largely a result of the Atlantic slave trade
In many Latin American nations, a major effect of colonial rule has been the concentration of power in a small group of landowners
Spain’s colonial policy of mercantilism affected the development of Latin American nations by promoting the production of raw material and cash crops
One result of the European conquest of Latin America was that in Latin America One result of the European conquest of Latin America was that in Latin America
In colonial Latin America, the main purpose of the encomienda system was to provide a steady labor supply for early colonists
According to the theory of mercantilism, colonies should be acquired as markets and sources of raw materials
“He once sent fifty horsemen with pikes (spears) to destroy an entire province. Not a single human being survived that massacre, neither women nor children nor aged infirm…This terrible massacre was punishment for a trifling offense: some Indians had not encourage the colonial government to change its policies toward native peoples
The Treaty of Tordesillas (1494), concerning Latin America, and the Berlin Conference (1884-1885), concerning Africa, were similar in that each agreement divided each area into European-controlled segments
Which statement best illustrates the contradictory actions of the Catholic Church in colonial Latin America? the Church expressed concern over the mistreatment of Native Americans, but supported the encomienda system
The Crusades indirectly contributed to the discovery of the New World by stimulating European demand for goods from the East
In the 1600’s, the interest of Europeans in Africa was based mainly on Europe’s need to obtain workers for its colonies in the Americas
The printing press, the astrolabe, and the Mercator projection were technological advances that contributed to the exploration and overseas expansion of the colonial empires
Created by: pieronek
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