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How long is the diameter of Earth? 12,700 KM
How large is the Diameter of Jupiter? 10.5 Earths
How long is one Astronomical Unit? About 100 times the diameter of The Sun!
How long is the diameter of the Sun? About ten times that of Jupiter's diameter.
What is an Astronomical Unit The average distance from The Sun to Earth.
What is a light year?
The distance light travels in a year which is about 9.5 trillion kilometers per (About 300,000 Kilometers per second.)
How far away is the nearest star. 4.2 light years about 200,000 × AU
How big is our galaxy across? 100,000 light years.
How big is the observable universe. 100 be light years.
How long is an AU? 150M KM
How much m
How much mass of the solar system does the sun take up? 99.86%
How many Aus is Jupiter away from the sun? Jupiter at average is Generally 5.2 AUs away, about 5 x that of Earth distance from the sun.
How many AUs is Saturn away from the sun? Approximately 9 AUs or times The distance of Earth from the sun.
How long and how has Voyager traveled? Voyager has been traveling at a rate of 61,000 km/hr or 38k MPh since 1977 and has only made it
Notice go back and check diameter and circumference also go back and check out cloud
How small is the Earth compared to the sun? The Earth is so small compared to the sun that it can fit in small plasma flare.
In an unseen way what is being ejected from the sun along with the visible solar flares? Highly charged electrons and protons at a velocity of 400 km per second.
What protects us from the Electron and proton particles being ejected from the sun? Earth's magnetic field?
What is the solar wind? The particle flow coming from the sun of electrons and protons.
What is the Heliopause? A point where the solar wind starts to be counteracted by the hydrogen and helium in the interstellar medium, a region outside the solar systems.
How far does the solar system reach? This is kind of up for debate. It may be the heliopause, the oort cloud or just the extent of significant influence from the sun gravitational pull.
The closest star system is Alpha centuri and is 4.3 light years away from Earth. What are the stars there? Alpha Centuri B and A(largest) and Proxima Centuri which is the smallest and not visible with the naked eye.
How far has Voyager traveled? To the heliopause.l
Voyager is traveling at 17km per second and has done so by leveraging the gravitational pull of the larger planets. How long would it take to get to Alpha centuri m? 80k years.
How huge is the galaxy?
1k light years thick and roughly 100k light years in diameter and we are about 25k light years away from the center.
Other than the smaller salient galaxies that are attracted to our own, what is the closest one that is large. Andromeda and it is about 2.5m light years away. Which has about 1trillion stars.
How big is the vergous super cluster of galaxy? Which 150M light years
We go to th5 the clusters scale near us, how big is that? 1b light years in diameter.
How big is the observable universe? 26b light years in diameter.
Why did they block
When did the big bang occur. 13.8B years ago.
When was our solar system a proto stellar disk. 4.5b years ago
Look up when humans happened
What is different about light? It behaves as, both particles and waves.
What happened in the big bang. The universe was a dense and hot dot. Eventually it expanded outwards and condedned.
What is believed about the shape of the universe?? 3D,
Why we will see the past of an object emitting light, across parts of the universe? Because the universe is expanding and it has been billions of years since the big bang, so the light's distance is being stretched.
When did the big bang occur?
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