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Final exam review

Social studies SEM 2

Which of the following would increase a country's gross domestic product (GDP)? (2 words) Investing in __ __ Human Capital and Capital goods
Which type of democracy does the legislative branch select the head of the executive branch? Parliamentary democracy
Which region of Brazil would be best for year-round farming? SOUTHWEST
Which right is denied to Cubans? VOTING
This type of government could be closely related to a democratic government. (2 words) FEDERAL REPUBLIC
Why might supporters of a pure market economy criticize NAFTA? It ___ most countries. EXCLUDES
Which democracy has a separate executive, legislative and judicial branches?I PRESIDENTIAL
The gross domestic product (GDP) of Peru grew steadily between 2001 and 2008. It increased by an average of 6.8% each year. More than likely Peru invested more money in ___ after 2001 than before 2001. TECHNOLOGY
Which language do most Brazilians speak? PORTUGUESE
African slaves were brought to the Americas to work on ___? PLANTATIONS
Australia's economy depends on mining and farming. Also, Australia is the world's leading producer of bauxite, lead, and zinc. A conclusion that can be drawn from this information is that Australia is able to ___ large amounts of minerals. EXPORT
Australia’s native population was impacted by colonization because they lost their ___ to British colonist. LAND
The British colonized Australia and many of the native people were killed by ___. DISEASE
Cuba has a ___ economy. COMMAND
Mexicans have a more active role in the ___ than Cubans. GOVERNMENT
Prior to the __ __ of 1959, Cuba traded primarily with the United States and other countries. Following the revolution, the Soviet Union became Cuba's main source of trade because the U.S. would not trade with Cuba. CUBAN REVOLUTION
Destruction of the rainforest decreases the amount of ____ in the atmosphere. OXYGEN
Business owners outside of Australia follow the value of the Australian dollar because the ___ of the currency may increase or decrease affecting the profit. VALUE
Climate affects Australia. W. Australia is mainly deserts and plains which restrict the development of ___ for trading. AGRICULTURAL
A nation must have a way of valuing its money compared to the money of other nations when involved with ____ trade. INTERNATIONAL
___ seized land and businesses and took over the government in Cuba influencing his long rule. CASTRO
Brazil and Canada have ___ economies. MIXED
one person that rules with absolute power DICTATOR
Which of the following would increase a country's gross domestic product (GDP)? (2 words) Investing in __ __ HUMAN CAPITAL AND CAPITAL GOODS
What kind of natural feature does the Amazon basin in Brazil contain that is vital to the world? (1 word) RAINFOREST
The Spanish conquered the Aztecs and established settlements in Mexico. One result of this was a creation of the ___ culture. MESTIZO
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