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The Civil War

Civil War Unit Test Prep

Border states were Slave states that did not secede
Name the border states. Kentucky, Delaware, Missouri, and Maryland
Why were border states important? They were important due to strategies such as controlling the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers and because Maryland surrounded Washington D.C.
Three strengths of the North a larger population, more resources, an established army and navy, a strong government, & more resources such as money and factories
Three strengths of the South strong military leadership, a strong fighting spirit, & knowledge of the land
What was the goal of the South? to become an independent nation where slavery could be preserved
What was the goal of the North? to restore the Union
Confederate strategy for winning the war to fight a defensive war until the Union tired of fighting and gain the support of Europeans
Union strategy for winning the war the Anaconda Plan to squeeze the CSA from east and west and to capture Richmond, the capital of the Confederate States of America
The first major battle of the war Bull Run or Manassas in the state of Virginia; It was a Confederate victory. Stonewall Jackson became a hero because of the battle.
Who was chosen to head the Union army and train its troops to fight? George McClellan
What was the objective in the West? To gain control of the Mississippi River
Who was a hero of the West earned the nickname “Unconditional Surrender?" Ulysses S. Grant
Which two ironclads battled to a draw? USS Monitor and the CSS Merrimac
Why were ironclad ships unique? Because cannon and shells bounced off their hulls
An important, but bloody Union victory in the West the Battle of Shiloh
Why was capturing the city of New Orleans significant? Capturing the city of New Orleans denied the Confederacy of an important port
Where was fighting in the East centered? Around the CSA capital city of Richmond, VA
Who is considered the "dynamic duo" of most Confederate victories? Robert E. Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson
Name THREE Confederate victories in 1862-1863 in Virginia. The battles of Second Bull Run (Manassas), Fredericksburg, Seven Days, and Chancellorsville
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