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Civil war

Robert E Lees southern victories In the east Lee used motivation to perk up his troops
invasaion of the north D.C. was too well guarded and Lee decided to invade the north
Battle of Antieam the union stopped the south at the city of antietam there were 23,00 casualties
battles of fredricksburg and chancellorsville In virginia Lee and Stonewall have two victories
Weak union generals Lincon fires 3 generals in one year
The Emancipation Proclaimation It stated that all the slaves in the confederacy to be free
The 54th Massachusetts an American Union army that was completely African American
Battle of Gettysberg A huge battle in Gettysberg Pennsylvania 1/3 of the souths army is killed
Siege of Vicksburg Grant ended a 42 day siege on vicks burg by attacking
Lincons Gettysburg adress 4 Months after the battle Lincon gave the most famous speech of all time
union goal restore the union
union stragities block off southern ports, control the missippi river, and capture the capital/ richmond virginia
union army george mcclellan
confederate goal establish a new country
confederate stragities get the help of the french and british, play defense, attack .D.C.
cconnnfederate army Robert E. Lee
bull run the first major battle of the civil war
general thomas "Stone wall jackson" a confederate general that stared down northern troops in the middle of a northern battle.
general ulysses S. grant a U.S. general who went to go seize the missippi river
Battle of siloh grant leads his troops to victory at siloh and took it over
monitor V.S. Merimack V.S. JOHN CENA!!!!!! Two iron boats that couldn't sink eachother
The union captures New Orleans The union wins and the end of the missippi
Grant virsus lee Grant and Lee fought battles high casualties
Total war Grant ordered General Sherman to burn all the cities including Atlanta Georgia
Election of 1864 Lincoln just elected for another four years
Fall of Richmond The south burns richmon and runs away screaming
Appomattox Courthouse Lee surrendered and the south rejoined the union no punishment for them
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