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Rome Mini-Test Study

Use this set to prepare for your Rome Mini-Test!

What were the names of the two mythical boys that according to Roman legend were raised by a she-wolf and would later found Rome? Remus and Romulus
Name the two groups of people that surrounded early Rome and heavily influenced Roman culture Greeks and Etruscans
Temples and sculptures were influences on Rome from what culture? The Greeks
The arch and the cuniculus can be contributed to this culture's influence on Rome The Etruscans
Group of Roman people that made up 95% of the total population yet could not initially participate in government and were forced to fight for Rome Plebeians
Group of Roman people that made up 5% of the total population yet initially had complete control of the government Patricians
One result of the Plebeian Revolt was a written set of laws called _______________ The Twelve Tables
Consuls would be most similar to what U.S. government position President
One major effect of these wars was the expansion of Rome throughout the Mediterranean The Punic Wars
Great Carthaginian general during the 2nd Punic War Hannibal
Successor of Augustus that despite being a great military general was a poor leader and never embraced being emperor. Tiberius
An unlikely emperor due to physical disabilities, he would build a new harbor at Ostia, conquer most of modern day Britain, and build a great aqueduct Claudius
Murdered his mother and two wives and possibly played the fiddle while Rome was burning to the ground Nero
True or False: The Roman poor could afford homes made of wood and marble with indoor pools False
Whom would do most of the cooking on a small grill in a small apartment using food purchased at a thermopolia? Poor Roman woman
Why were the poor allowed to attend gladiator fights for free and giving bread? In hopes of preventing rebellion
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