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Presidents of Us

are you worthy?

First president? George washington
2nd President? John Adams
5th President of US? James Monroe
16th? should know this.. Abraham the Lincoln
38th? Gerald Ford
35? Kennedy
76th? Emperor Trump his holiness
10th? John Tyler
18th? Ulysses Grant
-7th? the red tela tubbie
43rd? George Bush(jet fuel does not melt steel beams)
8th? Martin Van Buren
40th? Ronald Regan
44(current) Obama
order66 kill all jedi
98/2x43^2? Cuba
47th? Lebron James
the total area of a cubed rectangle in 5th dimensional analytics? 78&8N22.789^{23}
15th? James Buchanan
What is my favorite color? Green! you tard! gaaaaawwwssshhhhhhhhh
what is the meaning of life? Diddling, hookers, blow, and some good old fashioned holy crusading!
What is my favorite actor? Mel Gibson
47th? Deez Nutz, HAH! GODDEEEEMMM!
what is the square root of an onion? 43^3
21st? Muhammed
11th? Bush the illumanati lizard/wizard who travels time and feeds off our thoughts and consumption of walmart brand coke
Why did you do this quiz? Because you probably have no life
Seriously you probably have autism if you thought this was a real test your cognitive abilities and problem solving skills are absolute garbage go drink drain cleaner and listen to riff raff