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Chapter 15


The first US president to visit a country behind the iron curtain. Richard Nixon
This man took over American-owned companies in Chile. Salvador Allende
Israel gained control of Palestinian territory as a result of which war in the Middle East? Six-Day War
Henry Kissinger's 'shuttle diplomacy' repaired relations between Egypt and ? Israel
Which war caused Arab oil-producing states to impose an embargo on oil shipments to the US? Yom Kippar War
Nixon started OSHA to protect worker _____________. safety
What did Nixon created when he increased federal spending to stimulate the economy? deficit
What occurred in 1973 that hurt the US economy and led efforts to conserve energy? oil embargo
Nixon resigned as president to avoid what? impeachment
A combination of rising prices and a sluggish economy. stagflation
The scandal that eventually forced Richard Nixon to resign. Watergate
President Gerald Ford gave Nixon a _____________, which led to a loss of popularity and trust with the American people. pardon
Ford was unable to solve what type of problems? economic
Who led to Jimmy Carter's victory in the 1976 presidential election? African Americans
Jimmy Carter reversed __________________ policies, which made him seem weak. economic
Carter suggested that the US should not support nations that violated _____________ _______________. human rights
Which treaty marked the first time Israel and an Arab nation had reached a peace agreement? Camp David Accords
The ___________________ invasion of Afghanistan kept American athletes from attending the 1980 summer Olympic games. Soviet
The holding of US _______________ in Iran politically hurt President Carter during the 1980 elections. hostages
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