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Chapter 24 & 25 Voc

Black Tuesday October 29, 1929, one of the largest U.S. stock market drops
Bonus Army a group of World War I veterans that demanded their bonus payments early
buying on margin the process of purchasing stock with credit, hoping to sell at at a high enough price to pay the loan and make a profit
business cycle the rhythm in which an economy expands and contracts its production
Dust Bowl an area of the U.S. that suffered a severe drought during the 1930s
expatriates citizens who leave the country to live elsewhere
fireside chats radio programs in which Franklin D. Roosevelt explained his plan for recovery from the Great Depression
flappers young women who challenged traditional ideas of womanhood in the 1920s
Fundamentalism a religious belief characterized by a literal interpretation of the Bible
Great Migration a period of African American movement from the South to cities North
New Deal Franklin Roosevelt’s legislative plan to end the Great Depression that included dramatic reforms of government agencies and powers
talkie a film that includes sounds
Red Scare a widespread fear of communism and Communists
Sit-down strike a strike in which workers stay at their work stations so that strikebreakers cannot replace them
Teapot-Dome Scandal a scandal under the Harding administration in which government officials were accused of taking bribes to allow oil to be mined from federal lands
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