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Dec of War w/Japan


When does Japan attack the US base in Pearl Harbor? Dec 7, 1941
When did FDR call a joint session of congress and propse a declaration of war? Dec. 8, 1941
Why did Hitler become powerful? what year? German people wanted someone to stand against Treaty of Versailles. 1933
Who was the leader of the facist party in Italy? What year? Benito Moussolini 1922
When did Hitler and Moussoline become allies? What was it called? 1933 Rome-Berlin Axis
Where does Italy invade first and what year? Ethiopia in 1933
What does Germany take first in what year? Rhineland in 1936
What country does Germany give an ulimatim for and when? Austria in 1938
What country does Hitler take the Western part of on account of the fact that it is mosly German? What year? Czechoslovakia, Sudentenland 1938
Describe appeasement . Giving warnings to Germany for taking land but not actually doing anything to stop them.
When the Czechoslovakia taken? What happens next? 1939 and France and England start to mobilize.
Who does Hitler make a non-agression pack with in order to take Poland? Stalin.
What does Hitler use to invade Poland and when> Blitz Krieg, (1. bombs, 2. tanks, 3,. Infantry) on Sept 1, 1939
What was the name of the act Congress passed to stop people from helping in the War? The Neutrality Act in 1937
What is Cash and Carry? Lets nations come over and pay in cash for stuff and take it back to their nation.
What parts of Europe are taken next by Hitler? Scandanavia and the low countries
What is the Armaments appropriation act of 1940? Meant to block the Germans from crossing the Atlantic. 1.8 billion spent on war equipment including 2 ocean navy 1.2 million on a US army and 3, 500 aircraft.
What is the selective training and service act? Peace time draft, anyone between 21-25 had to register, 16.5 milion registered,, 800,000 drafted
How does Roosevelt get use of English naval bases in the Atlantic? He gives them 50 destroyers for free.
What is the Lend and Lease Act? Authorizes the president to lend or lease any military thing to any nation for any thing that is considered vital for US defense. 35 countries receive lend and lease support.
What does Denmark do before it is taken over? Writes a law that gives the US protectorate status of Greenland and Iceland and permanent naval basis are built there by US. Iceland declared independance b-4 denmark taken. still has US protection.
What is the Atlantic Charter and when was it made? Unified Statement from FDR and Churchill about postwar objectives like how to stop facisim and communism, aug 1941
What did Japan invade first and when? Manchuria 1937
What is the East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere? When was it announced? Japan said they would stand up for Asia and the open door trading policy with Europe would be close although trading with US was still open. 1938
When did Japan ally with the axis powers and what happened after that? 1940, The US set up an embargo on Japan for oil and steel.
Who sends trusted friends to negotiate peace with US and who were they? General Tojo, Kurusu, and Nomura to US Secretary of State, Hull.
What does the US sec of state want from Japan? Japan to get out of China and to enter a non-aggression pact.
What specific time did Japan attack Pearl Harbor Dec. 7, 1941 7:55 a.m.
How did the attack play out? Torpedos launched from planes into water, subs couldn't get into the bay.
How many battleships sunk? grounded? 3 sunk, 1 grounded.
How many American soldiers were killed and how many wounded a pearl harbor? 2335, 1178
What other places were attacked on the same day? US positions in the Phillipines and Guam and British positions in Hong Kong, Milasia and Singapore.
What did the Japanese admiral say after the attack? I'm afraid we have awakened a sleeping giant.
Who was the only US congress person to not agree with FDR's declaration of war? Jeanette Rankin
When Germany and Italy declare war on the US? Dec. 11, 1941
How large was the US army and where did we get it from? 15 million 10 drafted, 5 volunteered.
By the end of the war how many US soldiers went oversees and how many engaged in combat? 12 million went overseas and 4.7 million combat
What was the only nation standing in Hitler's way in Europe? Britain.
When was France taken back? Summer of 1944
When is VE day? May 18, 1945
Who fought the Japanese in the Pacific? The US only
When is VJ day? Sept 2nd, 1945
How many US soldiers were killed in WWI compared with WWII? 54,000 to 293,000
How many US soldiers died by other means in WWI compared to WWII? 63,000 by disease compared to 112,000 by disease and 4,000 by accident.
How many US soldiers were wounded in WWI compared to WWII? 200,000 to 670,000
How much did the US spend in WWI compared to WWII? 24.5 billion to 315 billion.
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