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World War II

Communism A single totalitarian government rules. The governement controls all aspects of society and the people have very little freedom.
Democracy The people have a say in government and majority rules.
Fascism Rule of a people by a dictorial government that is nationalistic and imperialistic.
Appeasement Nations gave in to aggressive demands to maintain peace.
Munich Pact Great Britain,France,and Germany sign an agreement.
Non-Aggression Pact An agreement to NOT fight with one another.
Blitzkrieg Uses Planes,Tanks,and Soldiers to engage in total war.
Maginot Line A series of trenches that stretch along the French-German Border.
Concentration Camp Detention centers where Jews and others were starved,shot or gassed to death.
Genocide The attempt to destroy an entire ethnic or religious group.
United Nations A place to discuss world problems and develop solutions.
The Manhattan Project A group of scientists from the U.S, Canada, Britain, and other European Nations begin to work on the top- secret atomic bomb.
Bushido Code Do not surrender,ever
Nuremburg Trials Placed Nazi Germany officers on trial for war crimes and/or crimes against humanity.
Yalta Conference Roosevelt (U.S),Churchill(England), and Stalin(Soviet Union) decided that they would divide Germany temporarily after the war ends.
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