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6th East Asia

Purple book chapters 1 and 2

Japan has improved their economy by producing new technology such as ________, cameras, watches, and electronic games. robots
The Japanese government ________ many businesses which allowed them to build large factories and buy modern machinery. subsidizes
Large companies in Japan offer ________ that attract workers and keep them happy. incentives
Many working women in Japan face ________ because the traditions of the country dictate that women should be in charge of their households. discrimintation
North Korea has done little to ________, or add variety to, their economy. diversify
In 1996, North Korea suffered through such a severe ________ that they had to ask non-communist countries for food and aid. famine
The "Great Leap Forward" and the "Cultural Revolution" are ________, or extreme, policies that Mao Zedong started in China. radical
Since the 1970s, China has gradually been allowing a limited form of ________ by allowing people to form their own businesses and keep some of their profits. free enterprise
A wide variety of ________ trees grow throughout Japan and Korea and lose their leaves each fall. deciduous
If China cannot produce enough oil, they will have to ________ it from other parts of the world. import
North Korea is considered a ________ because it has low industrial production and little modern technology. developing country
South Korea is considered a ________ because it has many industries and a well-developed economy. developed country
South Korea has become one of East Asia's richest economies by ________ many goods to other countries. exporting
Building dams and power plants to produce ________ is expensive. hydroelectricity
East Asians practice ________ in the lakes, rivers, and bays of the region. aquaculture
Because much of the land is hilly and mountainous, it is necessary to carve ________ into hillsides in order to farm in East Asia. terraces
In the warmer regions of East Asia, farmers practice ________ which allows them to harvest 2 or 3 different crops each year. double-cropping
When the communist government took over in China, private land was taken from the people and they were forced to live in ________. communes
Although the Han people of China speak the same language, they use several different ________ based on where they live. dialects
Historians believe that the ancient Koreans were descended from Mongolian ________ who traveled from place to place in search of water and food. nomads
The population of the Korean peninsula is mostly ________ with very few minority groups. homogeneous
Because Japan was isolated from the rest of the world for a long time, most of the people who live there belong to the same ________. ethnic group
Shortly after the ________ party took over China in 1949 they began to make huge changes in the country. communist
Much of China is covered with mountains, highlands, and the __________ of Tibet. plateau
The Takla Makan is a large ________ in China. desert
________ land contains substances that plants need in order to grow well. fertile
The North China Plain is covered with fertile ________ that is deposited by the Huang He river. loess
Japan is a(n) _________, or group of islands. archipelago
North and South Korea are located on a ________ which sticks out into the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan. peninsula
The lowland and coastal areas of East Asia have a high ________ compared to the rest of the region. population density
________, or seasonal winds that blow across Asia, have a large impact on the climates of East Asia. monsoons
East Asia gets hit with hurricane-like storms called ________ that form over the Pacific Ocean. typhoons
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