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STAAR: History

Study for the Grade 8 STAAR Test!

What caused the American Revolutionary War? Acts passed by Great Britain (For Example: Intolerable Acts, Townshend Act, Quartering Act)
Who were the two main sides fighting in the Revolutionary War? The 13 original colonies and Great Britain (England specifically)
Who was the first person to die for colonist freedom? (Hint: African American Slave killed during Boston Massacre) Crispus Attucks
Who lead the colonies in war? General George Washington
Who was the king of England at the time? King George III
Who wrote the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson 1776
What ended the Revolutionary War? General Cornwallis was forced to surrender in the Battle of Yorktown in 1783
Who was King George III? The king of England at the time of the Revolutionary War who took over as king in his early 20's after his father's death
What was the turning point in the Revolutionary War? The Battle of Saratoga
What were the significant results of the Revolutionary War? 1) The colonies won independence 2) The first sniper rifle was invented 3) Gorilla Warfare was invented.
What year did the Revolutionary War begin? April of 1775
Who served as the first president of the United States of America? George Washington (Two-Terms)
What was the first document the United States was ruled by?(Very Weak) Articles of Confederation
What did George Washington do as he died in Virginia? Freed all of his slaves
What was the meeting to fix the Articles of Confederation but completely rewrote it? Constitutional Convention of 1786
What do the 50 stars and 13 stripes represent on our flag today? 1) 50 States in the United States 2) 13 Original Colonies
How did Great Britain gain the colonies land? The French and Indian War 1754 – 1763
Who was James Madison? Father (writer) of the constitution
What was the Quartering Act? The rule enforced by Great Britain to force the colonists to quarter British troops.
Why were the Articles of Confederation weak? Colonists were scared to be run by another dictator such as King George III
Who was Wentworth Cheswell? The rider who made the same ride as Paul Revere but in more importance for he traveled faster and further
Who was Thomas Paine? Author/Writer of the book Common Since
What was the Common Since book? We book written by Thomas Paine to make supporting colony freedom common since of people
Who was Benjamin Franklin Inventor, News Paper printer, creator of the bifocals, and one of the founding fathers of the United States
Created by: Legeness