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American Revolution

American Revolutionary: War Part 2

He commanded British troops at Brooklyn General William Howe
He was nicknamed "Cunning Fox" General George Washington
He took British troops to Trenton General Charles Cornwallis
He was once a Captain in the Prussian Army Baron Friedrich von Steuben
He commanded British troops at Monmouth General Henry Clinton
He carried the white flag of surrender at Yorktown General Charles Cornwallis
He was a demanding drill master for the Continental Army Baron Friedrich von Steuben
He led the Patriots in an attack on Trenton General George Washington
Where did the British troops surrender? Yorktown, Virginia
Where did Continental troops attack on December 26th? Trenton, New Jersey
Which battle attracted the attention of the French? Saratoga, New York
Where did George Washington and his troops spend the winter? Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Which battle is sometimes referred to as the turning point in the war? Saratoga, New York
Patriots received the news that France would join the war while at what location? Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
What mistake did the British Generals often make? They waited too long to make a move.
Describe the conditions at Valley Forge during the winter of 1776-1777. 1) It was extremely cold & snowy; 2) There was not enough food; 3) The soldiers did not have proper clothing, shoes, and other gear; 4) Many men died due to sickness.
Who was known as the "Swamp Fox"? Francis Marion
What is a siege? when an army surrounds an enemy camp in an effort to capture it
What Fort did the British take back in 1777? Fort Ticonderoga
Why did George Washington want to take Brooklyn? to control the Hudson River
What document was signed after the war that officially recognized the 13 Colonies as independent from England? Treaty of Paris 1783
The famous painting, "Washington Crossing the Delaware" depicts Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware River on their way to where? Trenton, New Jersey
What are some inaccuracies about the painting? 1. They used a different type of boat; 2. The flag in the painting was not created until about a year after the battle; 3. Washington appears older in the painting than he actually was (He was only 44 years old at the time.)
Advantages of Americans fighting for a worthy cause; fighting on their own land; had help from France; frontier style fighting; able to move quickly; could get help from neighbors
Advantages of British best army in the world; best navy; richest and most powerful country; well-trained officers; career soldiers; help from mercenaries like the Hessians
Disadvantages of Americans volunteer soldiers served only short periods; little money for supplies; poor or no training; no navy; clothing wore out; poorly equipped to fight; fewer soldiers
Disadvantages of British had to travel a great distance to fight; traveled slowly because of heavy equipment; fighting methods didn't work well in America; bright red coats were easy targets
Created by: pcsteacher