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US hist 11.3

Quiz practice

William Calley, Jr. platoon leader charged for the My Lai Massacre
Daniel Ellsberg released the top-secret "Pentagon Papers" to the New York Times
Richard Nixon elected president in 1968, promised to get us out of the war but secretly expanded it into Cambodia.
Timothy Leary Using the phrase "Turn on, tune in, drop out" former Harvard professor promoted the use of LSD.
Doves Americans who were against the war effort
Hawks Americans who supported the war effort
Why did many Americans think that the draft was unfair? Wealthy people who could afford college could get deferments
How did Nixon change US policy in Vietnam? called for gradually turning the ground fighting over to the South Vietnamese.
How did Martin Luther King, Jr. view the Vietnam War? concerned that it took money and attention away from civil rights and anti-poverty programs
Created by: Freshmensphs