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9th Grade SS

Atlantic Trade/Mercantilism

How did the slave trade originate? It started in the 1500s to fill the need for labor in Spain's American Colonies
Which was a result of the Commercial Revolution expansion of European influence overseas
Cause: Discovery of "New World" and the development of plantation economic in the Americans Effect: 1. Arab traders taking slaves to North Africa & the Middle East 2. Tribal conflict in Africa prior to 1500.
Cause: Racism Slave traders justified the slave trade by using racist views to support their action (Trader's believed Africans were uncivilized). Effect: 1. Undermined traditional African Society led to warfare and social decline. 2. Cultural diffusion - Africans were moved to Europe, North America, & South America.
Between 1451-1870, what percentage of enslaved Africans were on the Caribbean Islands (Dutch, French, British)? 40%
Between 1451-1870, what percentage of enslaved Africans were in British North America? 4%
Between 1451-1870, what percentage of enslaved Africans were in Europe and Asia? 2%
Between 1451-1870, what percentage of enslaved Africans were in Spanish America and Spanish Caribbean? 16%
Between 1451-1870, what percentage of enslaved Africans were in Portuguese Brazil? 38%
What were some of the Horrors of the Middle Passage? Whippings and beatings were common, diseases swept through the vessel, the smell of blood, sweat, and excrement filled the hold, & captives often lived in their own vomit and waste
What percentage of enslaved Africans died during the voyage of the Middle Passage and what did they die of? 20% died from disease and mistreatment
What was the total impact of the Middle Passage? 9.5 million people were moved and at least 2 million died as a result of the trade.
What is Mercantilism? the theory that a country's power depended mainly on its wealth to build strong navies and purchase vital goods
What are 2 ways to increase a Nation's wealth? 1. Obtain as much gold and silver as possible. 2. establish a favorable balance of trade, in which it sold more goods than it bought
Under the expanded definition of Mercantilism. why did colonies exist? for the benefit of the Mother Country
Under the expanded definition of Mercantilism. what were colonies a source of? Cheap raw materials to be shipped back to the Mother Country to be turned into finished goods that were expensive.
Under the expanded definition of Mercantilism. where did all of the profit of the sale of finished goods go? All profits go to the Mother Country
Under the expanded definition of Mercantilism. how did the Mother country control trade and profit in the colonies? The Mother Country passed laws forbidding the colonies from producing their own goods which led to an unfair or unbalanced system of trade between the Mother Country and its colonies.
In the Triangular Trade, where did Europeans transport manufactured goods? Europeans transported manufactured goods to the West Coast of Africa.
In the Triangular Trade, what did Europeans exchange the goods they brought to the West Coast of Africa for? captured Africans
In the Triangular Trade, what did Europeans do with the captured Africans? They transported them across the Atlantic Ocean and sold them in the West Indies
In the Triangular Trade, what did the European merchants do with the money they made from selling the Africans in the West Indies? They bought sugar, coffee, and tobacco in the West Indies and Sailed back to Europe to sell these products.
Created by: pieronek
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