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USH EOC 2016

End of Course Assessment

American settlers treatment of Native Americans forced movement and broken treaties
William M. "Boss" Tweed party boss of Tammany Hall NYC political machine
Booker T. Washington belief as to how African Americans should seek civil rights postpone the fight for civil rights & concentrate on economic goals
late nineteenth-century (late 1800s) middle class jobs doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers
Reason armies dug trenches during WW I machine gun fire
Reasons for the success of industry in the U.S. an abundance of natural resources
Conditions imposed on the Germans in the Treaty of Versailles only an all volunteer army could no longer build ships, tanks, planes must sign war guilt clause taking blame for start of WW I
SS St. Louis ship full of Jewish refugees not allowed to disembark in Cuba/result: had to sail back to Europe & two-third die in Holocaust
Reason wheat was grown on the Great Plains it did not require as much rainfall as other crops
Armistice Day November 11, 1918
Reason for spreading fear in the U.S. when strikes broke out in 1919 people feared that Communists might take over the government which led to the Red Scare
President Wilson's peace plan Fourteen Points
Reasons immigrants left Europe to escape poverty, high food prices, population pressure, religious persecution, job opportunities, etc...
Problems in American cities in late nineteenth-century (late 1800s) crime, overcrowding, lack of clean water, disease, pollution....
Citizenship for Native Americans 1924
economies of scale lower costs and increased production
Plessy v Ferguson (1896) it was okay to have separate facilities for African Americans as long as they were of equal condition
Reasons Chinese immigrants came to the U.S. in the early 1860s better economic conditions, jobs, to work on the transcontinental railroad, open Chinese restaurants
Reason corporations issue stock to raise large amounts of money & spread the financial risk in order to build more stores, factories, etc...
Homestead Act allowed Western settlers to get free land after living on it for 5 years and making improvements
Reason many labor unions oppose immigration they think they will work for lower wages & therefore take jobs away from them
Two ways the government pays for a war raise taxes or sell savings bonds
Battle of Britain Heroes that saved Britain German bombing campaign of British cities & factories the RAF
self-determination the right of a group of people to have their own country & government
Manifest Destiny belief that Americans had the God-given right to settle in the North America
Reasion companies in the 1800s usually paid women less than men they believed women had a man to support them
Tradition set by George Washington that every president had followed until Roosevelt runs for a third time an unwritten rule that no one should be president for longer than two terms
WW I military branch that allowed women to enlist the Navy
Created by: tuholski