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The Great Depression

Bonus Army Wanted early payments of their promised bonus (WWI)
John Maynard Keynes British economist - supported the policy of deficit spending to help end the Depression
"Nothing to fear but fear itself" FDR
Herbert Hoover President at the beginning of the Depression
Francis Perkins First Female Cabinet member - Secretary of Labor
Brain Trust FDR's advisors
Fireside Chats Explained FDR's actions during the Depression
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority - Protect from floods, electrical power, & create jobs
CCC Civilian Conservation Corp - Put thousands of young men to work - outdoor jobs planting trees, stocking fish, building wilderness trails, etc.
Deflation drop in prices and wages
AAA Agricultural Adjustment Act - designed to raise the real income of farmers - limited the production of wheat, corn, cotton, hogs, tobacco, and milk
Charles Coughlin Used his radio show to attack the New Deal, calling it communist
Collective Bargaining process in which employers negotiate with labor unions
Social Security helped the elderly with income after retirement - unemployment compensation, workman's comp etc.
FDIC Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation - Federal Government insures bank deposits
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