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US-Civil War

US-Civil War Video Series (Days 1-5 and Gettysburg)

What did Thomas Jefferson compare maintaining slavery to? Holding a wolf by the ears.
How did Jefferson phrase it when he meant that maintaining slavery wasn't any fun and it isn't a good thing, but we don't know what else to do about it? You didn't like it, but you didn't dare let go
From the very beginning of the war, Sherman predicted that the war would last how long? a very long time
What happened to Sherman when he made this prediction about the length of the war that almost no one else agreed with? He was relieved of command and went home considering suicide
What was Nathan Bedford Forrest before he advertised for riders who wanted to kill Yankees to come ride with him? a blacksmith's son who made millions in land, cotton, and slaves
Who suggested to President Lincoln that he should get Robert Lee to lead the Union army because he was the best general available? Gen. Winfield Scott
At the beginning of the war, how long did both sides think the war would last? 90 days
At the 1st Battle of Bull Run, what nickname did the Confederate general Thomas Jackson earn when he rallied his troops to hold their ground while others around them retreated? Stonewall
Sullivan Ballou wrote a beautiful letter to his wife explaining why he felt like he had to go off to war and how much he loved her. What happened to Sullivan Ballou? He was killed at the 1st Battle of Bull Run
As Gen. McClellan began his march up the peninsula towards Richmond, he was confronted by 11.000 Confederate soldiers that he estimated to be 100,000. What was the name of the town where this happened? Yorktown
Which battle corrected a southern misconception about how hard Yankee soldiers would fight? Shiloh
At the Battle of Shiloh the Confederate soldiers launched a dozen attacks against a sunken road that was held by the Union. What name did that sunken road become known as? Hornet's Nest
Which general, after getting driven back from the battlefield on the first day of the Battle of Shiloh, said they would "lick 'em tomorrow"? Gen. Grant
When Grant was removed from "field command" after the big loses in life at Shiloh, and because Gen. Halleck was jealous of his success, what did Sherman talk him out of doing? quitting the army
When Lee was put in command of the Confederate forces, which Union general described him as cautious and weak under grave responsibility? Gen. McClellan
J.E.B. Stuart was the commander of Lee's... calvary
What three strengths did Gen. Lee show in driving McClellan back from Richmond? surprise, audacity, ability to read his opponent's mind
Which Confederate general did McClellan say he preferred to fight? Gen. Lee
Who did McClellan tell that he hadn't lost the Battles of the Seven Days and gotten pushed back from Richmond, he had merely failed to win? Lincoln
McClellan retreated after every one of the seven battles he fought with Lee as he got pushed back from Richmond. How many of these battles did he win? Six
What did McClellan ask for from Lincoln after being pushed back from Richmond? more troops
The Battle of Gettysburg took place from the 1-3 days in the month of... July
Who was the commanding officer of the 20th Maine at Gettysburg? Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
On what Gettysburg hill did the 20th Maine make a name for themselves and possibly save the Union army? Little Roundtop
Which two generals at Gettysburg were best friends who fought against each other? Hancock and Armistead
Because the 20th Maine was running low on ammunition but couldn't surrender or retreat, their commanding officer ordered them to... fix bayonets and charge
On the final day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Lee had his troops aim for a grove of trees in an unsuccessful attack called... Pickett's Charge
Who called Gen. Grant a butcher? Mary Lincoln
Gen. John Rawlins served on the staff of what general and took it upon himself to keep that general from getting drunk? Gen. Grant
Which Civil War general did not earn a single demerit while he attended the military academy at West Point? Gen. Lee
Who defended Gen. Grant when some Confederate officers criticized Grant's tactics and their bloody results? Gen. Lee
After which battle did Gen. Grant break down and cry after an extremely terrible and bloody defeat? Wilderness
Which Union general's first name was Hiram? Gen. Grant
What nickname was given to Robert E. Lee at West Point? Marble Model
When Gen. Grant told his staff to "quit worrying about what he's going to do to you and think about what you can do to him" who was the HE Grant was talking about? Gen. Lee or "Bobby Lee"
After his terrible defeat in the Wilderness, what did Grant do the next day that was different from all the other previous Union generals? He gave the order to march forward toward Richmond
Who was worried that Lincoln would keep replacing generals until he got someone he couldn't understand? Gen. Lee
How many Confederate soldiers did Gen. Lee have in the trenches around Petersburg? 35000
How many Union soldiers did Gen. Grant have in the trenches around Petersburg? 125000
For what purpose did the United States confiscate Robert E. Lee's home and land? to build a new Union cemetery
What was the name of the new Union cemetery that was built on Robert E. Lee's land? Arlington National Cemetery
How long were Gen. Grant and Gen. Lee entrenched across from each other at Petersburg? 9 months
Who had his Union troops salute the Confederate troops as they came to surrender their weapons after the fighting stopped? Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain
Why did Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain have his troops salute the Confederate troops at the surrender? As a token of respect from Americans to Americans
Thirteen thousand Union soldiers died at Andersonville. What was Andersonville? a prisoner-of-war camp
Where was Jefferson Davis when he got the note from Gen. Lee telling him that Grant had broken his lines at Petersburg and Richmond must be evacuated? at church
Under Gen. Grant's terms for surrender, officers could keep their... sidearms
Under Gen. Grant's terms for surrender, those who had __?__ could keep them because it was planting season. horses
Where did Gen. Grant and Gen. Lee meet to discuss the Confederate surrender to the Union army? Appomattox Courthouse
Forward question The question on the test or quiz is exactly like the question on the worksheet.
The question on the test or quiz uses the answer from the worksheet to make up the question. The answer is then found in the question on the worksheet. Backward question
Example of a Forward Question from Day 1 Worksheet, Question 1: What did Thomas Jefferson compare maintaining slavery to? Holding a wolf by the ears
Example of a Backward Question from Day 1 Worksheet, Question 1: Who compared maintaining slavery to holding a wolf by the ears? Thomas Jefferson
Created by: ColbyHistory
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