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Unit 13 (Chapter 11)

What did Rome do to insure the loyalty of conquered people? They made them citizens.
How did Plebeians rebel against the government? They refused to fight in the army.
Who did Rome battle for control of the Mediterranean region? The Carthaginians
Describe the social class structure of Rome. The plebeians were generally poor and many worked as farmers. They made up the majority of the population. Patricians were wealthy landowners who held most government positions.
Who was involved in the Punic Wars? Rome and Carthage was involved in these wars.
What was the role of tribunes? They represented plebeians and had the right to veto laws in the senate.
Describe the period known as the Pax Romana. It was a 200-year period when there was peace and prosperity in Rome.
What group originally ruled over Rome? The Etruscans ruled over Rome.
What language did the early Romans speak? The language that early Romans used was Latin.
Define consul. How long was their term? Consuls were two men elected by the senate to rule over Rome. Each man served a one-year term.
How did Marius employ the poor? He paid them to be soldiers and promised them land.
How did Augustus reform Rome’s tax system. He made tax collectors government employees and paid them a regular wage. This reduced the amount of corruption in the tax collection system.
How did the Gracchus brothers feel about the latifundia? They opposed this and wanted to see some of the land given back to small farms.
Trajan Expanded the Roman empire to it’s largest size.
What was Hannibal known for? He was known for leading an army across the Alps during the second Punic War.
How did Caesar die? Caesar was killed (stabbed) by Senators.
What mountains provided a natural barrier between Rome and Europe? The Alps provided protection for Rome.
Describe Caesar’s invasion of Rome. Caesar crossed the Rubicon River to invade Rome, which started a civil war. He captured all of Italy, then crushed Pompey’s army.
What did Octavian believe Rome needed in order to become strong again? He believed Rome needed a dictator.
Nerva Revised taxes and helped the poor.
Hadrian Reformed Roman laws.
Pius Assisted orphans
Aurelius United Rome’s economy.
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