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Westward Expansion

Florida Spain gave to US through a treaty.
Texas Added after it had been an independent republic.
Oregon Divided by the US and Britian.
California and the southwest Added after a war with mexico.
Louisiana Purchase Bought from France by Thomas Jefferson.
Why people move west 1. Population growth in eastern states 2. Availability of cheap, fertile land 3. Economic opportunity, logging, farming, freedom 4. Cheaper and faster transportation 5. Knowledge of overland trails 6. Belief in the right of "Manifest Destiny"
Manifest Destiny Idea that expansion was for the good of the country and the right of the country.
Popular Sovereighty The idea people could decide for themselves whether or not to have slavery (by voting)
Cotton Gin (Eli Whitney) Increased the production of cotton and increased the need for slave labor.
Reaper (Cyrus McCormick and Jo Anderson- a slave) Increased the productivity of the american farmer.
Steamboat (Robert Fulton) Provided faster river transportation that connected plantations in the south with industries in the north.
Steam Locomotive Faster land transportation.
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