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Unit 10 Vocab Quiz

Communism a social structure based on the common ownership of property
Appeasemnet the granting of concessions to a hostile power in order to keep the peace.
Totalitarian characteristic of a political system in which the government exercises complete control over its citizens’ lives.
Fascism a political philosophy that advocates a strong, centralized, nationalistic government headed by a powerful dictator.
Nazism the political philosophy—based on extreme nationalism, racism, and militaristic expansionism—that Adolf Hitler put into practice in Germany from 1933 to 1945.
Blitzkrieg from the German word meaning “lightning war,” a sudden, massive attack with combined air and ground forces, intended to achieve a quick victory.
Genocide the deliberate and systematic extermination of a particular racial, national, or religious group.
Ghetto . a city neighborhood in which a certain minority group is pressured or forced to live.
Rationing a restriction of people’s right to buy unlimited amounts of particular foods and other goods, often implemented during wartime to ensure adequate supplies for the military.
Kamikaze involving or engaging in the deliberate crashing of a bomb-filled airplane into a military target.
Internment confinement or a restriction in movement, especially under wartime conditions.
Concentration Camp a prison camp operated by Nazi Germany in which Jews and other groups considered to be enemies of Adolf Hitler were starved while doing slave labor or were murdered.
Non-aggression pact an agreement in which two nations promise not to go to war with each other.
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