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Vocab Words

Vocabulary Words 6th grade

Guerrilla Small group of soliders who attack suddenly then disappear.
Holocaust Mass destruction and loss of life
Hydroelectricity Water used to generate electricity. (Widely used)
Imperialism Policy of obtaining and occuping land to form an empire.
Indigenous A native of an area.
Inflation When prices increase over time.
Interdependent When two or more things depend on each other.
Invest To commit money or capital to gain financial return.
Liberate To give freedom.
Literacy The ability to read or write.
Monarchy Government headed by a king or queen.
Natural resources Materials directly from nature.
Oligarchy Political system where a group of people control the rest
Parliamentary democracy Democratic government where the legislative branch controls the power
Petroleum A thick dark oil found under ground
Population density # of people in a specific area.
Reform To make something better
Revenue Income you make from selling goods and services
Republic System of government where decisions are made br elected officials who represent the people.
Separatist A person who moves away from an established church or religion
Specialization Being really good at making or doing one or more things.
Smog Brownish haze caused by sunshine on polluted air
Tariff Tax on imported goods
Unitary Government system where all power is in the central government
Quota Trade barrier that sets limits on imported goods
Epidemic Widespread outbreak of infectious disease
Ethnic Group of people who have the same language, culture, or religion.
Euro Currency in European Union
Facism Political philosophy in which total power is given to a dictator, freedom denied.
Federal Government where small political units give certain power to central government
Figurehead A leader who represents a country but has little duties.
GDP Total amount of goods and service made in a year.
Globalization The linking of nations through trade, information, technology, and communication.
Democracy A government where people hold supreme power
Dictator A ruler with absolute power
Diversity Being different
Economy The total wealth and resources of a country/region especially in terms of production and consumption.
Embargo Ban on trade with another country
Emissions Any pollution or waste released into the air
Empire Group of states/countries under a supreme authority
Entrepreneur Someone who has an idea for a good or service and starts a business.
Acid rain Rain polluted by smoke and gases
Ally A country or person joined with another country or person for a special reason
Autocracy A government where one person has total power
Capital Resources Man-made items used in labor
Colony A group of people who settle far from their parent country, but still has ties to the parent country
Confederation A group of loosely allied states
Contaminated Unclean or impure
Credit Buying a good now and paying later
Currency A material used to pay for a good/service
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