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SS - West. Expansion

TEST - 5/6 Westward Expansion

Why did settlers want to cross the Appalachians? Land on the east coast was full & crowded with farms and cities
Why were canals important? They decreased the cost of shipping goods
Why was the Louisiana Purchase an important event? It doubled the size of the United States
What did President Jefferson ask Lewis and Clark to do? Explore western land and study Native American cultures
What did the War Hawks blame Great Britain for? Indian attacks on the frontier
What do the words of our National Anthem describe? America's willingness to fight for freedom
What was the impact of the War of 1812 on America? America's feeling of nationalism grew
What was the result of mass production during the Industrial Revolution? Workers produced more goods in shorter time
Which invention led to major, rapid advance in travel by boat and train? Steam engine
What Mexican law angered the Americans living in Texas? Own slaves
What was the purpose of the Underground Railroad? Help slaves escape to freedom
Created by: she4thgrade