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Drivers test

Questions and answers for Permit Test (unofficial)

How many operational brakes must your vehicle have? All cars must have at least two separate brake systems, the foot brake and the parking/emergency brake.
What bumpers must all vehicles have? All vehicles must have front and rear bumpers.
Why must a vehicle have a horn? To avoid crashes and help in emergency situations.
When passing a vehicle on the highway, how many MPH more than the limit is lawful? 10MPH more than the posted limit is allowed.
What is the speed limit in alleys? 10MPH
What is the speed limit on city or urban roads? 30MPH
What is the speed limit on unspecified highways and freeways? 55MPH if it is not posted otherwise.
What do you do if an emergency vehicle is stopped on the side of the road? Reduce speed.
At what distance should you activate your turn signal? 100 feet
When are you not allowed to turn right at a red light? When there is a "No turn on red" sign.
When parallel parking, your vehicles wheels should be within what distance of the curb? Wheels should be within 12 inches of the curb.
How many feet away from a crosswalk should you park? When near a crosswalk you should park at least 20 feet away.
How many feet should you park from any flashing light, stop sign, or traffic control signal? You should park at least 30 feet from these.
How many feet should you park from a rail road crossing? You should park at least 50 feet from a rail road crossing.
How many feet away from a fire hydrant should you park? When near a fire hydrant you should park 10 or more feet away.
When the front of a parked vehicle points downhill, which direction should you turn your tires? Your tires should face towards the curb.
When the front of a parked vehicle points uphill, and there is a curb, which way should your tires face? Your tires should face away from the curb.
When the front of a parked vehicle points uphill, and there is no curb, which way should your tires face? Your tires should face towards the curb.
Are you and your passengers legally required to wear a seat belt? Yes, it is the law.
If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, what information must you provide? Name, Address, Date of birth, and registration number of your vehicle to other drivers involved in the crash and to any law enforcement officer at the scene
If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident and another person involved asks for your insurance information, what must you provide? The name and address of your insurance carrier and the name of your agent.
What is the minimum fee given to someone who is found guilty of texting and driving? A fine of $225.
Does a stop sign require a full stop? Yes, always.
Besides a stop sign, what else must you full stop for? Flashing red lights, stop lights, pedestrians, and school buses.
What must you do if a school bus is displaying red or yellow lights and is stopped. Stop behind the bus, it is unlawful to pass the bus at this time.
When stopping behind a bus, how many feet away should you stop. You should stop at least 20 feet away.
Who has the right of way if two vehicles arrive at a stop sign at the same time? The person furthest to the right has the right of way.
When two vehicles approach an uncontrolled “T” intersection, who must yield? The person who is attempting to turn must yield.
What should you do if an emergency vehicle is moving on the road and has its sirens and lights on? Pull over to the nearest curb, preferably the right side, unless in a one way.
How many feet away from a bicyclist should you pass? Allow 3 feet.
What does red indicate on a sign? Prohibits and commands.
What does white indicate on a sign? Regulates.
What does yellow indicate on a sign? Warnings.
What does yellow-green indicate on a sign? Warns and controls in pedestrian and bicycle crossings and school areas.
What does orange indicate on a sign? Warns and controls in construction zones.
What does green indicate on a sign? Guides and informs.
What does blue indicate on a sign? Describes services for motorists.
What does brown indicate on a sign? Indicates historic, cultural, or recreation sites.
What is the three second rule? A rule used to test if you are traveling too close to the vehicle ahead of you.
Is it legal to talk on your cell phone while driving? Yes, as long as you are over the age of 18 and have your license.
What is the blood alcohol level for which you will receive a DWI? .08
What offense will you receive if your blood alcohol level is .08 or lower? DUI
Created by: Brosej1212
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