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Ch. 10 & 11 Review

The Good Times, The Bad Times, and WWII

World-class track athlete. Won a silver medal at the Olympics Glenn Cunningham
Invented the game of basketball. Later coached and taught at KU James Naismith
Nicknamed “Big Train” for his trademark pitch. He was one of the first elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Walter Johnson
Commander of the Allied Forces. Later became the first President from Kansas. Dwight D. Eisenhower
One of the famous woman aviators of all time. Mysteriously disappeared trying to fly across the world. Amelia Earhart
Famous writer/poet. Became famous during the Harlem Renaissance Langston Hughes
Created the GI Bill of Rights Harry Colmery
Why was Planeview built? To solve the housing shortage for all the new residents that came to work in the aviation industry.
How did World War II transform the Kansas economy? It ended the Great Depression and created great economic opportunity.
What was not a way that Kansans, and all Americans, were asked to make sacrifices during WWII? To only own one car per household in order to donate the others to the military.
What is meant by a “consumer economy” during the 1920’s? People buy things they don’t need and don’t save money because of new technology leads to new products.
What are the 4 causes of the Dust Bowl? High winds, little rain, hot days, and soil-eroding farming practices
Why was the rise of entertainment such a big deal for Kansans and Americans in the 1920s – 1940s? It gave all citizens hope.
What was the plan to get the United States out of the Great Depression called? The New Deal
What type of farming did the government recommend in order to help farmers during the Dust Bowl? Contour farming and Terracing farming
How did the workplace change in Kansas during WWII? Women and African Americans went to work, mainly in the aviation industry, because there was a shortage of male workers.
What is the day that the stock market crashed called? Black Tuesday
What was the name of the local Negro National League team? KC Monarchs
What did the government hand out to industries that could support the war effort? Defense contracts
What did Eisenhower convince Congress to fund? The Interstate System
What made Eisenhower a strong military leader? He was able to bring people of different backgrounds together to work towards a common goal.
The Great Migration of African Americans from the South to northern cities was motivated by: Jobs
When soldiers returned home from WWII, the GI Bill of Rights: Allowed many soldiers to go to college for free.
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