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Review Sheet 7

Our American Heritage pages 212-245

What was the best thing about Sunday for Booker? molasses
Where did Booker and his family move to after they were free? Malden, West Virginia
What did Booker wish he had been born with when he started school? last name
Where did Booker go that 500 miles away? Hampton Institute
What did Booker learn to love? the Bible
What school was Booker in charge of? Tuskegee Institute
What did Booker say that the happiest people in the world are? Those who do the most for others
What was George Washington Carver's favorite hobby? studying plants
When George Washington Carver was 10 years old walked where to attend school? Neosho
What family did George Washington Carver live with? Watkins
What did Mr. Carver become at the Tuskegee Institute? Director of Agriculture
How many uses of the peanut did Professor Carver discover? 300
How many uses of the sweet potato did Professor Carver discover? 118
Where did Laura Ingalls Wilder live? Wisconsin
Who did Laura marry? Almanzo Wilder
After Mary Ingall's fever became worse, what happened to her? slowly went blind
What was Laura's first doll made from? Corn cob
What did Laura write? autobiography
What date was Billy Sunday born? November 19, 1862
During what event was Billy Sunday born? Civil War
What did Billy Sunday receive at the Orphans' Home in Davenport, Iowa? Good education and excellent Bible teaching
What team did Billy Sunday play baseball for? Chicago White Sox
What world's record did Billy Sunday hold? stolen bases
What filled the emptiness that Billy Sunday felt? Jesus Christ
Who did Billy Sunday choose as his song leader? Homer Rodeheaver
What word did Booker T. Washington hear the other slaves whispering? "freedom"
Where did Booker work with his stepfather? salt mines
What was the first book Booker ever owned? blue-backed speller
George Washington Carver was owned and reared by whom? Mr. and Mrs. Moses Carver
What college did George Washington Carver begin to study plants? Iowa State University
What did Laura Ingalls Wilder's father build the family when they moved west? prairie schooner
What expression was used to explain people getting saved during one of Billy Sunday's evangelistic meetings? "hitting the sawdust trail"
What did Billy Sunday do so that mothers could attend his meetings to hear God's Word? organize a nursery
How many people is it estimated that Billy Sunday preached to in his lifetime? one hundred million
Why was it important for Booker T. Washington to remember the number 18? Stepfather's number was 18
What did Laura Ingalls Wilder mean when she promised herself that she would be Mary's eyes? Laura would describe every new thing she saw to Mary.
Why was Laura Ingalls Wilder's time in history considered a remarkable time? America had made many changes during Laura's ninety years of life
Why did Billy Sunday feel it was important to preach against the evil of liquor? He saw the pain, cruelty and tragedy that came to the drunkard and his family
Created by: mclean45
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