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Civil War rsmith4

Civil War

When was the Civil War? 1861 - 1865
What were reasons for the Civil War? slavery, tariffs and states' rights
What two groups of people fought in the Civil War? North vs South, Union vs Confederate
How did Alabama contribute to the war effort? Sending lots of men, making lots of military supplies
What Alabama cities were important during the Civil War and why? Mobile - major port city where the south got supplies Selma - home to a large factory that made lots of weapons and ammunition Montgomery - first capital of the Confederacy
What did women do during the Civil War? How did they contribute to the war effort? Women were not allowed to fight in the Civil War, but they often served as nurses. Some even served as spies! Women were left in charge to run homes and keep farms and businesses going.
Who was allowed to vote during this time? white men
What is slavery? Slavery is one person owning another person and forcing that person into some form of work.
Why was slavery important to the south? The wealthy southerners had big plantations with lots of cotton. If they paid people to pick the cotton, the plantation owners would not make as much money. So, slaves really helped the south to get rich off of cotton.
What part of Alabama had the most slaves? Why? The black belt, the southern section of the state where the soil is fertile because that is where cotton grew the best.
What was life like for newly freed slaves in Alabama just after the war? Life was very difficult! They had no money, no homes, no jobs, and very little education.
How was life different in the south after the Civil War? Much of the south was destroyed. Many homes, businesses, and plantations had been damaged. There were no more slaves. Many lives had been lost. People had little money.
What did the Freedmen's Bureau do? The organization set up by Congress helped newly freed slaves and poor whites in the south to get things they needed like clothes and food as well as try to help them find jobs and get an education.
What is a sharecropper? Who were typically sharecroppers? A sharecropper is someone who works a small portion of someone else's land and pays that person a sort of rent of the property with part of the crops from the land.
Who was in charge in Alabama during Reconstruction? the military
What did Alabama have to do to be readmitted to the Union? nullify their secession, ratify the 13th amendment, promise loyalty to the US and pay money owed to the US
What is the Emancipation Proclamation? Document written by President Lincoln freeing the slaves in the South
What is the 13th Amendment? Made slavery illegal
What is the 14th Amendment? Gave citizenship to all former slaves
What is the 15th Amendment? Said states were not allowed to deny people the right to vote based on the color of their skin
Describe the democratic party in the time during Reconstruction. The democrats did not like blacks having the right to vote. They wanted things to change back to how things had been. They created groups like the KKK to scare blacks.
Describe the republican party in the time during Reconstruction. The republicans typically supported equal rights for all.
Created by: rsmith3160
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