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Aegean Sea The sea between Turkey and Greece King Aegeus drowned himself in the sea when Theseus forgot to put up the white sail
Amazon Tall masculine woman Fought with the Greeks
Cereal any food made from grain Roman goddess of Agriculture
Phobia an extremely strong dislike or fear Personification of fear in Greek mythology
Fate Destiny or inevitable outcome 3 fates determined mans fate
Furious driven by anger 3 furies were sisters born from Uranus blood
Lunatic an insane person Ancient roman goddess for moon Luna
Calliope Keyboard instrument Beautiful voiced daughter of Zeus 9 muses
Siren A piece of equipment that produces a high pitched noise half bird half woman that sang and tempted sailors to their death
Labyrinthine Like a maze maze of 1000 lanes Minotaur lived there
Echo copy sound of another sound the nymph that was punished by Hera by making it so she can only repeat things
Chronological arranged in order according to time Cronus the first Titan
Cloth pliable material made by weaving or knitting Clotho one of the three fates spun wool
Promethean Daringly creative original Titans who made and gave fire to the humans
Procrustean Drastic ruthless Procrustes was an innkeeper who made people conform to his bed
Terpsichorean anything to do with dance Terpsichore Greek muse of dancing
Volcano A vent in the earths crust Vulcan god of fire
Lyrical Emotional accompanied by a song Lyre Apollo played this
Music any rhythmic patterns or pleasing sounds named after the muses
Museum A building for preserving things Named after the nine muses
Marathon running race that was 26.2 miles long A messenger ran 26.2 miles to deliver good news then died
Mercurial a moving swiftly or changing quickly mood Mercury messenger god
Tantalize to tease or taunt King Tantalus was punished for sacrificing his son
Martial Having to do with combat or war Mars god of war
Zephyr a slight or gentle breeze Zephyrus god of winds
Arachnid Any class or species of spiders Arachne famous weaver who was changed into a spider by Athena
Mnemonic Anything related to memory Mnemosyne Greek titan of memory
Fauna The animals in a specified group Faunus god of animal life
Lethargic Feeling a lack of energy Lethe river of forgetfulness
Narcissism Excessive self love Narcissus was a boy who fell in love with himself
Hygiene Healthful living Hygea Greek goddess of health and cleanliness
Psychology The scientific study of human mind and functions Psyche a beautiful mortal who fell in love with cupid had to perform tasks to prove her love
Nemesis A person who seeks revenge Nemesis Greek goddess of vengeance
Mentor A person who watches over you Mentor name of Odysseus' friend and teacher
Somnolent Sleepy tired Somnus Roman god of sleep
Iris The colored part of the eye Iris goddess of the rainbow
Adonis A very handsome young man A youth loved by Aphrodite but who is killed by a boar hunting and is restored to her for one part of each year thanks to Hades
Amorphus formless or shapeless Morpheus god of dreams
Lethal Causing or able to cause death Lethe river of forgetfulness
Elysian Blissful or delightful peace Elysium area in the underworld that is peaceful or beautiful
Iridescent Shining many colors when seen from different angles Iris goddess of rainbow
Helium A chemical lighter than air The all seeing god Helios
Hydrant A discharge pipe with water Hydra nine headed creature killed by Hercules
Aphrodisiac Something that causes sexual desire Aphrodite goddess of sexual desire
Panic A state or feeling of extreme fear Comes from the god Pan he liked to scare travelers
Platonic Having a close relationship but no physical relations Plato greek philosopher
Morphine Powerful drug made to reduce pain Morpheus god of dreams
Cornucopia Container that is shaped like a horn and is full of fruits Zeus fed from this as a child
Erotic Tending to sexual love Eros Goddess of love
Hippocratic oath Code of medical ethics usually taken by those ready to perform medical procedures Hippocrates founder of medicine
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