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Chap. 23 Vocabulary

Allied Powers a group of nations that allied to fight the Central Powers in World War I, and those countries in opposition to the Axis Powers in World War II
armistice a truce or cease-fire agreement between warring nations
Central Powers the coalition of nations in World War I that included the German, Austrio-Hungary and Ottoman Empire
Communists people who believe in communism, or the political system in which all resources are shared equally
militarism an increase in the importance of the military of a country
mobilize to prepare for war
reparations financial payments by the loser of a war
Selective Service Act (1917) a law that allowed the president to draft soldiers in times of war
stalemate a situation in which neither side can win a victory
trench warfare a new kind of warfare in World War I that involved troops digging and fighting from deep trenches
Treaty of Versaille (1919) brought an end to World War I, but was never ratified by the U.S.
U-boats German submarines or “untersee boats”
Zimmerman Note a telegram from Germany to Mexico offering Mexico a return of territory in exchange for declaring war on the U.S.
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