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Study Guide for Semester II

Hoovervilles Small towns that the unemployed or poor people built in the cities during the great depression.
Lend-Lease Act The Lend-Lease act passed in March 1941 which purpose was to provide U.S. Military aid to foreign countries during WWII.
Internment Camps Internment camps where detention centers where more than 100,000 Japanese Americans where ordered to go during WWII by the president.
Marshall Plan
Highway Act of 1956
Domino Theory
Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
McCarthyism McCarthyism was making false accusations without any evidence and was started by Senator Joseph McCarthy.
Red Scare
Freedom rides
Bus Boycotts
Brown v. Board of Education, Topeka
Nation of Islam
Black Panthers
The New Frontier
The Great Society
The Manhattan Project
Bay of Pigs Invasion
Cuban Missile Crisis
The Berlin Airlift
Watergate Scandal
Roe v. Wade
Plessy vs. Ferguson
Korematsu vs. The U.S.
Brown vs. Topeka Board of Education
Truman Doctrine
Great Depression
New Frontier
The New Deal
Dr. Martin Luther
18th Amendment
Fidel Castro
Ceasar Chavez
The Great Society
The U.S. Roadway Act
Korean War
Zero Tolerance
Rosa Parks
Civilian Conservation Corps
National Recovery Act
Tennessee Valley Authority
Pearl Harbor
Truman and the Atomic bomb
Manhattan Project
Cold War
Woman and WWII
Guerilla warfare
Sandra Day O’Connor
Economic growth in the U.S. in the 1950s
Joseph McCarthy
Nixon and the People’s Republic of China
Created by: Leilani79258