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Culture: Middle Ages

Culture in the late middle ages

What were two types of architecture that developed during the middle ages? Romanesque and Gothic
What are two facts about universities that developed at this time? They started in Italy, France, and England. Students recorded notes on slates.
Describe something about medieval literature. A popular story type was a heroic epic, like the legend of King Arthur.
Was King Arthur real? Describe with at least two reasons. No, he wasn't real. He was based off of a legend and historians believed he existed as a combination of others, not one specific person.
How did the Catholic Church affect the lives of medieval Europeans? Europeans were worried about the direction of the church and built more monasteries and new religious orders were formed.
What is the difference between monks and friars? Friars left their organizations to spread Christianity through the town.
What would happen if you were accused of heresy? You could confess and ask for forgiveness but if you didn't you were excommunicated and punished.
What is anti-Semitism? Hostility towards Jews during times of trouble.
Describe how the Black Plague was spread. It spread through the silk road. It went from flea, to rat, to human.
What were three effects of the black plague? Trade declined, food prices declined, and many Jews were expelled from cities.
Why did the Great Schism happen and what was the outcome? The Roman Catholic Church and Eastern Orthodox church had political issues and disputes over papal authority. The council of Constance ended it.
Why did the Hundred Years war happen and what was the outcome? It was a battle over the French throne, and the french won.
Created by: elladickerson
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