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Chapter 23 Review

Review for World War I

What is nationalism? pride in one's country
What is imperialism? expanding a country's power by expanding outside of it's borders by conquering new territory
Why did Austria-Hungary declare war? they thought that Serbia's government was behind the assassination of the Archduke
What countries became the Allied Powers? France, Russia, Britain, USA
What countries became the Central Powers? Germany, Astria-Hungary, and the Ottoman Empire
What is trench warfare? a maze of trenches that the military dug where they fought from
What did President Wilson call for the Americans to do when the war broke out? stay neutral
What is propaganda? one-sided journalism
What is a U-boat? German submarine
What happened to the Lusitania? It was sunk after torpedoed by the Germans
What is a warmonger? someone who stirs up war
What is submarine warfare? battles fought using underwater boats in the oceans
What was the Zimmermann Telegram? a letter to Mexico stating that they are to attack the U.S.A when the U.S.A declares war on Germany
Why did the Russians pull out of the war? because a Russian Revolution began
What was the Selective Service Act? a law that required all men from the age of 21-30 to register for the military draft
What is the military draft? law requiring people of certain age to serve in military
What is a bureaucracy? a system of managing government through departments ran by appointed officials
What were liberty bonds? a way that American citizens could loan money to the government to help support the war
What is a pacifist? someone who is against war
What was General John Pershing's role in the war? commanded the U.S. Army in France
Who were the Harlem Hell Fighters? African American unit that fought with the French army
What happened at the Battle of Beleau Wood? the Germans agreed to an armistace
What is an armistice? an agreement to stop fighting
What does abdicate mean? to step down from power
What kind of government was set up Germany after the German emperor resigned? a republic
What is an epidemic? widespread outbreak of disease
What was President Wilson's 14 Points? President Wilson's peace plan
What are reparations? cash payments for losses that occurred during war
What was the Treaty of Versailles? the treaty that officially ended World War I
What countries did the Treaty of Versailles create? Poland, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia
Did the U.S. join the League of Nations? they did but it was not until 1921
Created by: shawna_westbrook