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Civil War Vocab

Civil War

Which general was the commander of the army of Northern Virginia? Robert E. Lee
Who was the first general to use signal flags? Porter Alexander
Which general lost the battle at Richmond? Richard Ewell
Who died at Chancellorsville from friendly fire? Stonewall Jasckson
Who was a famous cavalry who was known for his reconnaissance? J.E.B. Stuart
Who led the Army Of Mississippi and Tennessee from Shiloh to Chattanooga? Braxton Bragg
Who lead the union army to victory with the help of President Abraham Lincoln? Ulysses S. Grant
Which general ran for president in 1852? Winfield Scott
Who was an American soldier, civil engineer, railroad executive, and politician? George B. McClellan
Who served as a General in the Union Army & is well known for his criticism against the Confederate states? William Tecumseh Sherman
Which commander was the 16th president of the U.S.? Abraham Lincoln
Which general served in the Mexican-American War and Seminole Wars? Joseph E. Johnston
Who's influence over Confederate strategy was lessened by his poor professional relationships with President Jefferson Davis? P. G. T. Beauregard
Which general was 23rd President of the United States & the grandson of the ninth President, William Henry Harrison? Benjamin Harrison
Which general fought in 5 wars? Albert Sidney Johnston
Who commanded armies in Tennessee and the Trans-Mississippi Theaters? Kirby Smith
Who became the governor general for the military for the Philippines? Arthur Macarthur
Who faced defeat at First Battle of Bull Run? Irvin Mcdowell
Who was one of the worst generals ever? Nathaniel Banks
Who's best known for surrendering Fort Sumter? Robert Anderson
What was the turning point of the war? When Abraham decided to free the slaves
What is abolitionism? The belief or enforcement that slaves and African Americans should be free and that they deserve equal rights.
What does it mean for a state to secede? It means for them to leave the union
What is it called when people are involuntarily picked to serve the in military? draft
Which states where the Confederate States of America? The Southern states
What is Secession? When a state leaves the union
What is Emancipation? When slaves are freed
What does historical mean? Historical means "of past events"
What is it called when the prices of a group of products increase over time? Inflation
What is called when two or more people give a little to get a little in a conflict? Compromise
What is the more liberal form of government? Democracy
What is similar to a barricade? Blockade
What is ironclad? a 19th century war ship armored with iron
What is radicalism? believing or practicing extreme changes in social ways
What is federalism? federalism is when people believe the political/conservative ways and rules of the government
What is it called when war has almost no rules or regulations? total war
What were Border Ruffians? Pro-slavery activists
What is the act of forcing people to accomplish the mission by providing purpose, or motivation? Military Leadership
What is political leadership? The idea of understanding political causes and effects
What is the act or state of being together, or joined? Union
What is a Greenback? A dollar
What is a Yankee? a person who either lives in or was born in the U.S.
What are rights held by the individual states rather than the whole government? States' Rights
What is the isolation or restriction of a group? Sectionalism
What does Entrenched mean? To hold a firm belief
What is Popular Sovereignty? It means to rule by the people, (majority rules)|
What is nationalism? It means to be patriotic
What is Individual Liberty? When people have their own rights as independent people instead of a group
What is institution of slavery? An organization dedicated to the issue of slavery
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