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Cold War

Terms, events, and important people of the Cold War

Cold War Historical period of tension and competition between the United States and the USSR (Russia)
Containment Policy US policy to use the military to stop the spread of communism around the world
Marshall Plan US policy to use money to stop the spread of communism around the world
Communism Economic system in which the government controls the economy - all resources and decisions are made by the government.
Capitalism Economic system in which the government has minimal control in the economy - all resources and decisions are made by individuals
NATO Alliance of democracies during the Cold War
Warsaw Pact Alliance of communist countries during the Cold War
Jacob Arbenz Guatemalan president (that maybe had ties to communism) that the US removed from power because he wanted weaken the United Fruit Company
Fidel Castro Communist leader of Cuba who worked closely with the Soviet Union
Cuban Missile Crisis Event in which the Soviet Union tried to send nuclear missiles to protect Cuba after the US tried to overthrow Fidel Castro
Berlin Airlift US operation to support West Berlin from the Soviet blockade and keep democracy in that part of the city
Berlin Wall Constructed by the Soviet Union after the Berlin Airlift to stop migration out of East Berlin and East Germany
Non-alignment Another term for neutrality - it was used for nations who did not take sides during the Cold War
Korean War Conflict in which the United States and the United Nations got involved to stop the spread of communism from North Korea to South Korea
Bay of Pigs US operation to overthrow Fidel Castro that failed
Vietnam Conflict Conflict in which the Untied States got involved to stop the spread of communism even though the country didn't want it
Domino Theory US belief that if Vietnam fell to communism, the rest of southeast Asia would fall to communism
Joseph McCarthy American political leader who led investigations of citizens (including movie stars) to find out if they were communist
House Un-American Activities Committee Congressional group led by Joseph McCarthy that conducted investigations of American citizens to find out if they were communist
Arms Race Competition between the US and USSR to have the most nuclear bombs
Space Race Competition between the US and USSR to have to most advanced technology and get to space
Mutually Assured Destruction Formal name given to the fact that if either the US or USSR used nuclear bombs against each other, all of humanity & the planet would be destroyed
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