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U.S. History Exam

Key Figures

Francis Perkins Appointed by FDR to presidential cabinet; first female in cabinet; Secretary of Labor
Dorrie Miller Hero at Pearl Harbor; black Messman in the U.S. Navy; first African American to earn Navy Cross.
Joseph McCarthy American politician/Senator; falsely accused hundreds of being communist sympathizers; McCarthyism = false accusations.
Lee Harvey Oswald Alleged assassin of JFK in Dallas, Texas (1963)
Betty Friedan Author of "The Feminine Mystique" and co-founder of NOW
Rachel Carson Author of "Silent Spring"; credited with launching the modern environmental movement.
Cesar Chavez Civil rights leader and founder of the UFW; credited with improving working conditions of Mexican migrant workers.
Thurgood Marshall Graduate of Howard University; NAACP lawyer; first African American Supreme Court Justice.
William Westmoreland Military general in charge of U.S. troops in Vietnam.
Ho Chi Minh Communist, nationalists leader in North Vietnam.
Maya Lin An American designer and artist who is known for her work in sculpture and landscape art. She first came to fame at the age of 21 as the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.
John Glenn Space Race figure / Ohio native, WWII pilot, astronaut, first American to orbit the Earth, oldest man in space
Yuri Gagarin Soviet cosmonaut / first human in space.
Alan Shepard American astronaut / first American in space.
Neil Armstrong Astronaut / Ohio native / first man to walk on the moon.
Dr. Jonas Salk Discovered a vaccine for polio in the 1950s
Dr. Benjamin Spock Pediatrician who wrote books offering advice to parents of Baby Boomers
William Levitt Mass producer of suburban homes in NY;
Abbie Hoffman Radical anti-war activist; appearance in Forest Gump
Billie Jean King Famous tennis player; feminist
Rosie the Riveter Iconic image of working women during WWII
Abraham Zapruder Home video captured the Kennedy assassination
Elizabeth Eckford Member of the Little Rock Nine; walked to school alone, met by angry mob
Fred Korematsu Japanese American who challenged constitutionality of Japanese internment during WWII
Ernest Green First African American to graduate from Little Rock Central High School
Robert Oppenheimer Top scientist on Manhattan Project; "father of the atomic bomb"
Norman Rockwell American painter; captured average, small town America; first Rosie the Riveter image
John Maynard Keynes top economic advisor to FDR; spend way out of depression; Keynesian economics
Dorothea Lange WPA photographer; Migrant Mother
Sally Ride First American woman in space
Christa McAuliffe Teacher in Space
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