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Chapter 15 and 16

when did texas become a state? 1845
what is a fugitive? a runaway
what is secede? to leave
who was Zachary Taylor? a southerner and a hero of the mexican war
What is the Fugitive slave act? It required all citizens to turn in runaways.
what was the purpose of the underground railroad? The purpose was to get slaves away from their masters. Or to move them to Canada because the Fugitive slave act was not in place in Canada.
what is popular sovereignty? Letting the people decide
what are border ruffians? Missourians traveled in armed groups
What happened in May of 1856? The slavery supporters attacked Lawrence. Which is the capital of anti-slavery.
what does "bleeding Kansas" mean? the civil war in Kansas
what is a civil war? A war where Americans fought against Americans.
When did West Virginia become separate from Virginia? In 1861, 48 Virginian counties decided to become their own state. In 1863 the were accepted into the union.
Blockade to close
what are states rights a founding principle of the confederacy
where was the first major civil war fought northern Virginia
who was George B McClellen a general
what were blockade runners many confederate ships
How many people were killed or wounded in the battle of Shiloh? 20000 people from both sides were killed or wounded
what is a casualty someone being killed or wounded
what does ratified mean to aprove
Abolitionism The supporters of ending slavery
Compromise an agreement
democracy government by the people
federalism the principles of the Federalist party
historical real world past events
individual liberty the free liberty for a people
institution of slavery was a euphemism for slavery and its economic ramifications in the American South
nationalism aspirations common to the whole of a nation
popular sovereignty the principle that the authority of a state and its government is created and sustained by the consent of its people
radicalism the following of radical or extreme views or principles
resistance movements a secret organization resisting authority
secession the withdrawal from the Union of 11 Southern states in the period 1860–61
sectionalism distinctions at the expense of general well-being
greenback a dollar
entrenched unlikely to change
confederate states of of America A republic formed in February, 1861, and composed of the 11 Southern states that seceded from the United States
emancipation the freeing of someone from slavery
military leadership influencing others to accomplish the mission
political leadership understanding political processes and outcomes
total war a war that is unrestricted
turning point a time at which a decisive change in a situation occurs
union the action of joining or being joined
yankee a person who is from, the US
ironclad protected with iron
draft compulsory recruitment for military service
inflation general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money
Created by: susie_silvagi