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World War II

What 3 countries joined together to form the Axis Powers? Germany, Japan, and Italy
What event caused the U.S. to declare war on Japan? The bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.
What happened on D-Day? Allied troops, including the U.S., landed on Normandy beach in France.
Why wasn't the war over once Germany and Hitler were defeated? The Japanese had not surrendered or been defeated yet.
What kinds of items were rationed during WWII? butter, canned goods, cheese, coffee, eggs, fish, milk, sugar, meat, gasoline, shoes
What disease did President FDR suffer from that caused him to be paralyzed? Polio
What was Eleanor Roosevelt's relationship to Theodore Roosevelt? She was his niece.
Why did so many women join the workforce in the U.S. during the war? Women were needed to do the jobs that the men had left when they joined the military.
Where did most of the women work while the men were gone? They worked in factories,
What jobs did the women that joined the military have? Many were nurses, some flew and repaired planes, drove trucks, rigged parachutes and worked in military offices.
How many times was Franklin D. Roosevelt elected as president? 4 times
Who was the leader of Germany? Adolf Hitler